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Eidolonai December 21, 2017

I have some thought about having a coffee maker for the office, in here I will give some review about French Press, Moka Pot/Stove Top, Vietnam Drip and Siphon coffee maker. Even the last coffee maker I mention doesn’t really suit the thought of an office coffee maker, but maybe some manager or director would like to have it in their room.

1.French press, also known as a press pot, coffee press, coffee plunger, cafetiere (UK) or ?afeti?re ? piston, is a simple coffee brewing device, probably invented in France in the 1850s, but first patented by Italian designer Attilio Calimani in 1929, who made subsequent design improvements over the years, and further refined by another Italian, Faliero Bondanini. It is easy to use, cheap, doesn’t need any electricity. Suitable for a small company, with a little room so the employee doesn’t need to use a large space for having their coffee. It produces an exotic coffee taste and all you add is a coarse coffee ground with hot boiling water.

2.Moka pot, also known as a macchinetta (popular; literally small machine), is a stove top espresso coffee maker, based on the principle of preparing coffee with steam pressurized water. It is called an espresso maker, which is taste darker than a black coffee or Americano. Most of coffee lover, love to have their coffee by using this coffee maker.
It is easy to use also, but to difficult to make a cup of coffee that everybody wants at the office, because not everyone loves espresso. And we have to use a stove for making coffee by this coffee maker. Moka pot also has the electric one, but the price would be so expensive. So I suggest buy this coffee maker if more than half of your office worker is love espresso or called themselves as a coffee lover. Beside than that, find another coffee maker.

3.Vietnam Drip, it’s a coffee maker made from Vietnam, you can have a black or white coffee. If you don’t like a black coffee because the bitterness of the taste, you should have a milk in the bottom of the glass. But a coffee maker like this one, doesn’t suitable for a high traffic office. The employee need it fast, they want it as soon as possible. So this dripping coffee? Not a good choice, for a personal use is much recommended though. You have to buy one for every of your office worker and I’ll be glad to be one of them.

4.Siphon Coffee Maker or A vacuum coffee maker brews coffee using two chambers where vapor pressure and vacuum produce coffee which is clean, crisp, rich and smooth compared to other brewing methods. This type of coffee maker is also known as vaccum pot, siphon or siphon coffee maker and was invented by Loeff of Berlin in the 1830s.

For using this coffee maker is a bit tricky, and it is fragile also need a special storage to keep this coffee maker, it’s expensive and have a good taste of a black coffee in a unique way.
This coffee maker doesn’t really suitable at the office situation, but as an antique display for you office space it surely fits. I never suggest this coffee maker as office equipment, too beautiful, too fragile, too expensive and too tricky to use.

As for the coffee maker, if you have a big office you better have a coffee machine, not a coffee maker.


Desy Andra now besides working as an employee in on of private company, he is also working as a sales promotion at the coffee maker company he and his friends own, if you want to know more about Desy’s product, please visit:

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