Coffee Methods – How to Make different coffee tastes

Eidolonai October 7, 2017

The most popular method for coffee making is espresso coffee. To many people espresso coffee is just another drink but in fact espresso coffee is quite difficult to make. Espresso is a blend of several different types of coffee beans. It is also not necessary that beans are coming from one plant or from one country. These could from different plants or even from different countries.  Espresso Coffee There is a big misconception about espresso coffee that it is quite easy. People made this wrong conception from their experience from coffee bars where customer gives order and in couple of minutes the beautiful coffee cup is handed over to him. When you heard the name of espresso coffee, Italy will come into your mind quite automatically because espresso coffee is synonymous with Italy.
To make a perfect cup of coffee, you have two options to make coffee. One option is making coffee with whole bean and second is by using grounded coffee. However whole coffee bean is considered better option for making coffee.  In grounded option, coffee may lose its original flavor. Either you are using whole coffee bean or grounded coffee, it is better to store coffee in cool dark place but off course not in the freezer / refrigerator.
There is no particular way of making coffee. There are various methods by which you can achieve a perfect cup of coffee. The most common method is automatic filter drip. Automatic filter drip is probably the most common in the Unites States and in Europe as well. The big reason for its immense popularity is ease of use. Another advantage in automatic filter drip is that you can find many drip coffee makers with auto option. By auto option you can set timer, so you can wake up to an all readymade coffee. Automatic drip works by heating water in a chamber to almost boiling and then pouring the boiled water over ground coffee beans.
Another popular method of coffee making is French press or press pot and coffee plunger. It is also the simplest coffee brewing device. A French press consist a narrow cylindrical jug which is usually made of glass with a plastic or metal plunger. This plunger fits securely into the cylinder and also has a fine wire which plays the part of filter. In other popular names of coffee such as espresso coffee, roasted coffee, Turkish coffee, fresh coffee, cappuccino coffee are also popular methods. Interestingly, to have a cup of coffee you don’t need to spend lot of money. You can brew an excellent cup of coffee by using any method according to your personal liking and taste.

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