Coffee Table Buying Tips

Eidolonai September 15, 2017

You might be tempted to think that buying a new coffee table is as easy as picking out one that’s similar in style and color to the one you previously owned. But don’t give into temptation!

Take this opportunity to breathe new life into your living room, family room or den by choosing a coffee table with a little something extra.

Here are a few coffee table buying tips that will add style, funk or just plain functionality to the rooms of your home where you veg out, hold marathon movie nights or entertain friends and family.

- When selecting a table, take into consideration who will be using the room (and the table) the most. You might really admire the coffee table with a glass and stone top but if you have children, it might not be the best choice.

- Buy a coffee table with your sofa in mind. One that is not in scale with your couch can make the table appear too small or too large, giving the room an unbalanced look and feel. A table should be two-thirds the length of the couch’s actual seating area when centered in front of the sofa.

- Coffee tables are also called cocktail tables so that should be a big clue right there! These low tables are intended to stand in front of the sofa and are designed to hold drinks, food and more importantly, the remote controls. The height should be level (or only slightly higher) than the seating area of the couch, so that you can easily reach anything in front of you without effort or strain.

- Your new table should complement your décor. If your furniture is more traditional, choose a rectangular or oval shaped table. If your style is more contemporary, select one that is half-round or square.

- Purchase a coffee table to match your lifestyle. Do you have toddlers? Select a table with rounded corners? Just recently welcomed a new puppy into your home? A metal base table with a glass top will (hopefully) eliminate chewed up furniture. Coffee tables add functionality to your living space. To make them even more functional, take into account the features you want your new table to have.

- A magazine rack is an easy way to control newspapers and other reading materials.

- Seems like you’re always putting things away? Other storage options such as baskets, drawers and cubby holes can really help to keep your living space tidy and clutter-free.

- A tray top coffee table consists of a top made of one or more removable trays and is really convenient, especially if you like entertaining.

- Go tech! A lift top coffee table has a mechanism that raises the top of the table from cocktail to dining table height; great for families that like to sit in front of the television while eating.

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