Coffee Travel Mugs – A Great Investment For the Coffee Connoisseur

Eidolonai January 16, 2018

Coffee travel mugs are an incredible investment that can help keep some big money in your pocket. Recent troubles with the economy has most American’s attempting to get a better handle on their finances. People are cutting back on all sorts of mini luxuries from cable to gym memberships to eating out. If you are a coffee drinker, one critical way that you can see drastic savings without giving up that hot cup of black gold is by investing in one or two coffee travel mugs.

Coffee is almost an industry that generates billions of dollars a year. A study from the National Coffee Association showed that approximately fifty-four per cent of American adults drank coffee daily. Out of those, just under eighteen per cent were consuming gourmet coffees on a daily basis. It is also worth noting that the study indicated that the average coffee drinker enjoyed about 3 cups a day. The statistics clearly indicate that coffee is America’s fuel.

Estimates vary on the exact amount that is spent on coffee. Estimates range anywhere between two and five thousand a year. Let’s assume that an individual spends a buck fifty for a cup of coffee at the local coffee shack. At three cups a day that is over eighteen hundred dollars a year. The cost is much higher when you upgrade to gourmet coffees that can for as much as four dollars. Three espressos at four dollars and ten cents a day translates to over five grand a year. In a tight economy five grand is a bunch of money. A coffee travel mug can reduce costs dramatically for you.

A decent travel mug retails for between fifteen and twenty-five dollars. A cup of coffee made at home averages around forty-five cents. Considering the same formula that we used above you would spend just under five hundred dollars. You can calculate the savings for your own unique situation.

An added benefit to the savings is that your home brewed coffee allows you to experiment and fill your cup with a drink made the way you like it. The best part is no waiting at the drive in window.

In summary, coffee travel mugsallow you to potentially save a few thousand dollars over the course of a year putting more money in your pocket without giving up the hot java you love.

Jeremy Ginn is a caffeine addict who likes enjoys his drinks both hot and cold. He is also passionate about personal development including goal setting, blogging, and his Montreal Canadiens.

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