Commercial Coffee Pod Brewers

Eidolonai December 2, 2017

In the commercial environment, coffee pods also have their uses. There are many advantages to coffee pods over the traditional type of coffee maker. Everyone in the office will be able to get their own, equally fresh cup of coffee, regardless of how late they are. Joe in marketing won’t have to waste an entire pot of coffee just to get his afternoon fix. Flavored coffee will become the norm as everyone won’t have to agree on the flavor, or even the brand, as they could pick and chose whichever coffee pods that had the flavor they wanted that day.

Although they can be plumed straight into the water supply of your office, commercial coffee pods brewers can also be used as pour over coffee brewers, just like the home versions. Since they don’t have to be attached to anything but a power outlet, they can be moved about if necessary, giving everyone access to fresh coffee wherever water can be supplied. They’re light, weighing no more than your normal cheap coffee maker from the department store, shipping out at no more than ten pounds. Most can be programmed for either eight ounce or ten ounce cups, depending on the customer’s preference. For safety reasons, if they are plumbed, they will automatically kill their water supply if the pod door is open so as not to burn the user. They’re generally constructed of very high quality materials since they are expected to be used quite a lot. Although standard coffee pods work just fine in commercial brewers, you’ll want to get the larger, more economical packages. The pods will need to be matched to the brewer for size, just like the personal ones, and it’s always good to wet the pod a bit before dropping it into the pod bay. Ideal for both small and large offices, commercial coffee pods brewers are designed to continuously produce single cups of coffee for extended periods of time.

Commercial coffee pod brewers, like personal brewers, deliver a cup of coffee quickly, in just under a minute, keeping the workers refreshed and productive, eliminating the wait for the coffee to be done. Spillage is almost impossible from the brewer itself since the brewer brews the coffee directly into the cup. Expensive, dry clean only work clothes are spared many coffee stains as there is no pouring necessary, not to mention no one likes to walk around with a coffee stain all day.

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