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Eidolonai November 23, 2017

When promoting itself, probably the biggest thing to consider is the price of the promoting, and how many people are likely to see the promotion. With the paper, you may end up paying a few hundred or a few thousand. With TV, just seconds of airtime will likely cost you thousands of dollars. Advertising with fliers and on billboards will cost in the hundreds, but you may get no business off of them. All of these methods are gone the moment you’re not paying for them. Promotional items, though, not only nets you new customers, but also customer loyalty. Both of these can be had for a mere fraction of the price of traditional advertising.

Coffee cups are an excellent example of a promotional items that have a lot of staying power. You can print your company’s name and logo straight onto the cups and provide the customer with something meaningful and useful while at the same time advertising your company. Giving the customer something useful tells them something about your business; it tells them that your company wants to do things that will affect them. Customers will appreciate the fact that your company took the time and money to provide them with something they can use. Not only have you given them a gift for their continued business, but you’ve made a case for yourself for keeping their business going forward.

Customers will use those custom printed coffee cups for years to come. Television ads last thirty seconds if you get a good deal, and newspaper ads last a day or a week, depending on how long you want to pay. Promotional items stick around, though, especially ones as useful as coffee cups. They can last five years, ten years, or possibly even longer depending on your customers’ coffee drinking habits. This is some serious staying power for advertisement that you’re not even paying for any longer.

Coffee cups are attractive and interesting; everyone wants to see what they say on them. Whenever a customer of yours uses one of the coffee cups that you’ve given them, they’ll be advertising your company’s logo to everyone around them. Family at home, and co-workers at the office will be exposed to the message on those coffee cups. Three years later, though you’ve spent not a penny on maintenance costs, those coffee cups will still be screaming your company’s name to anyone that will listen.

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