Creating the Perfect Reading Area With Sofa Tables

Eidolonai January 24, 2018

You have a wall, or multiple walls, lined with books that you can pull down and sink yourself into every time you want to get away or learn something new. This is a great space in any home and one you should furnish properly so it can be appreciated.

Most likely your library has a comfortable chair and a table beside it, which is holding a lamp so you can have appropriate lighting for your reading needs. While this is the traditional look of a library, times have changed. There are new furniture options out there that can be more beneficial to your library than the ones you are putting to work right now.

Consider the table you are using for your lighting. A small end table can hold a lamp, but not much else or it will quickly feel cramped. And what if there is more than one of you who enjoy reading in the home, you are both trying to sit right up against that light so you can get enough illumination on the pages.

Instead you should consider moving sofa tables into this space. They are traditionally set behind a sofa, and run the length of the sofa. You could do this in your library, if you can find a sofa that is a comfortable reading place. Otherwise, you can change the use of this furnishing to work with the chairs you prefer.

If you have two reading chairs in your library, you have a couple options for ways to arrange them.

First, you can put them side-by-side, with the sofa table behind them. This arrangement will allow you both to sit in your chairs with the light coming down from behind you.

Another option is to have two reading lamps on the sofa tables, one for each of you. This allows you both to also adjust to the perfect lighting levels for your reading preferences as well as highlighting your beautiful furnishings.

Another option is to have your chairs at the end of the sofa tables and allow them to be a part of your room décor. There are a number of styles and designs with this furnishing, so finding one that is a beautiful addition to your library will be a cinch. Once you find the perfect option for your library, why not put them to work holding a part of your collection. They are long enough they can hold not only your table lamps, but also some of those pieces that you want to show off.

Imagine a pair of beautiful bookends on each of your sofa tables cradling all of those collectors signed books and first editions. This way when you have company they will really be able to admire your taste as these most precious members of your collection will be right there for them to admire.

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