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Eidolonai December 7, 2017

It’s holiday time again. Time for you to start thinking about new interesting items to purchase for Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, Dad. Trouble is, every year you get older you run out of ideas. You’ve already done pretty much everything you can think of. The tie for dad, the necklace for mom. You’ve sent pictures of the kids as they grow up, and you’ve made scrapbooks to show to your parents. But what more can you do that’s creative, innovative and fun? How about print pictures of your kids on mugs for the grandparents! 

Actually this isn’t revolutionary, as you are most likely aware. But it is getting easier and easier to do. The technology boom that is not scheduled to ever end has allowed inventors and manufacturers to come out with new ways to permanently bond your children in that cute little pose for your parents to see forever. There are the two basic kinds of mugs. Ceramic, microwavable mugs, that serve great coffee and hot chocolate. There are also the current metallic travel mugs, just as effective in service, and now just as able to be printed on.  

Since there are so may options open to you, the consumer, these days. I would advise that you take your time. You can find stores that offer photo coffee mugs easily- probably hundreds of them. Just go online and type in photo coffee mugs. Then I advise you take your time. Choose wisely, there is bound to be the perfect mug out there. They’ll be custom designed even. If the person you plan on gifting to has a favorite color or shape, it will be available to you, just keep looking. Don’t settle, make it fun, involve the kids. Then when you have chosen the perfect one. Purchase it, and follow the directions to get your photo right where you want it. 

The process of transferring a photo to a mug is called dye sublimation. Using hot temperatures and high pressure it transfers the picture from your photo printed on special paper. The heat will brand the mug permanently, so that it won’t wash off. Coffee mugs are durable, and cheap, don’t be ripped off, just do your research. Its exciting for the giver and the receiver to see that thought and the personal touch was put into this original, fun, and simple gift. Everyday when your Dad gets up and brews himself a cup of coffee, or your mom pours her mug or orange juice, they’ll smile and sit down with their grandkids at the table. Its a winner for everyone. 

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