Distinct Types of Table Saws

Eidolonai December 22, 2017

A table saw is one of the most functional tools used for woodworking. Basically there is a motor running that makes a circular saw rotate at a fast speed while it cuts across pieces of wood. It is very helpful in huge woodwork projects like tables, fences, book shelves and cabinets.

It is a better version of manual saws. There are different woodworking projects that would require specific types of table saws. The four common types will help make your job easier and will also save a lot of time.

Bench top Saws
A transportable saw is more commonly known as a bench top saw. This first type of table saw has to be placed on the lid of a surface for help. It is smaller and portable compared to the other types. It is also possible to be carried by a person from one place to another.

The bench top kind is accessible and cheaper. It is enough for small woodwork projects and it is very handy. It is very limited because of its size but it can do a lot of work done especially if for personal use at home. It is very durable as it is, for as long as it is not used for big woods that it could not handle.

Contractor Saws
A contractor saw or more popular as the exposed-stand saw is more durable and heavier compared to the bench top saw. The circular saw of this kind is prepared on a heavy table with an exposed group of legs. This kind of saw is commonly preferred for those who have a medium shed at home since it is averagely priced and does not need any added voltage than is given in a normal outlet.

This type is less portable and heavier than the bench top saw but it is still good to be carried from one place to another. Some contractor saws come with wheels attached for greater mobility.

Cabinet Saws
A cabinet table saw has the circular saw connected to a table with a cabinet. It is the biggest and the heaviest type of table saw. It is hardly repositioned around, usually fixated in just one spot. The cabinet table saw is also stronger and has less vibration that builds for a smoother cut.

Cabinet saws are one of the most expensive and built for heavy duty works. It often needs the formation of a heavy circuit. Additionally, the cabinet saw also has a tilt and height set up feature and has greater dust collection than the other types.

Hybrid Saws
A hybrid table saw however, is similar to that of the contractor saw with some point distinctions. For one thing, it is more compress than the contractor saw and does not need as much room in the equipment shed.

The hybrid saw also provides selected characteristics of the cabinet saw. It has the lower shaking of a cabinet saw with its heavy and strong foundation together with dust configuration. A hybrid saw or a contractor saw are in a good makeup that fits to the satisfaction of most woodworkers.

To conclude, it is better to seek what are the needs out of there table saw. Then, identify what kind of style they have to acquire. However, for the medium woodworking activities, a person may not go wrong with a good contractor saw.

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