Dogs Are Unique Animals

Eidolonai February 12, 2018

Dogs are unique animals in that they can immediately become a part of your family.  If you have had your dog for any time at all, you are no doubt well aware of this fact.  It is the continuing domestication of dogs that makes them more and more adaptable to living the family lifestyle with each passing generation of dog.  This interconnecting of dog culture and human culture is very strong.  It doesn’t matter what kind of dog you have or whether it’s primarily a companion or a working dog relationship, your dog is a friend that will stick with you for life.

One of the reasons for their amazing ability to bond with humans is because wolves, ancestors to all dog breeds found today, have similar social systems to those in the human world.  Just like your family has to work together as a group, so does the wolf pack.  And, just like in your family, there may be disagreements within the group, but they are always united and come together when it matters.  They survive with the lead of an adult male who is dominant over all others in the pack.  If the leader oversteps his boundaries, or for one reason or another is no longer present, then a strong and competent female will step in.  Dogs are hard-wired to live in a social grouping.  This makes them ideal as companions.  Additionally, dogs instinctively want to please the pack leader. In a family setting, that is you.

There are a number of attributes that contribute to making dogs ideal companions and working partners for humans.  They are incredibly alert, have a strong sense of smell and many are superior hunters.  And, because of their desire to please, dogs have come to be working assistants in addition to being family companions.  Dogs need a job.  They want to please. Humans have jobs that they need help with.  It provides a perfect opportunity for a symbiotic relationship.

By capitalizing on the attributes of specific dog breeds, man has developed dogs that excel at certain tasks.  You might not use your dog as you primary means of survival as our prehistoric ancestors, but it’s likely your dog has its own role in the scheme of things. In a family situation, your dog’s job might include getting the paper or bringing you your slippers. Often companion dogs participate in activities like hunting or dog agility with their masters. 

However, there are also dogs that genuinely have jobs that they do every day. Some of these jobs include:

Herding stock on farms
Detecting drugs for law enforcement
Serving as guide dogs for the blind
Assisting people with autism and those who are deaf
Guarding homes and businesses
Serving as rescue dogs in the event of a disaster

Whether your dog is a companion dog or a service dog, it can and will develop a special, emotional bond with you and the other members of your family.  Whether you’re ready to work, have a good time or just need some unconditional love, your dog will be there.

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