Drinking Coffee In El Escorial Cafe

Eidolonai March 6, 2018

Fine luxury products are undoubtedly one of the most attractions to visitors coming to Cuba. The trilogy of Cuban flavor which is formed by run, coffee or cigars must become popular all over the world. For many years those products have attracted many people in as well as outside the country. In this article, you will find information about coffee and how people feel as they have this dark drink in El Escorial Cafe, which is among the most famous coffee bar in Havana.


For those serious drinkers who recognize the quality of its grain and exquisite aroma, the coffee that is served in El Escorial Cafe will definitely fulfill high standards. Set in the beautiful Plaza Vieja in Old Havana, this coffee bar is housed in a finely restored colonial mansion, and it has a reputation of providing luxury coffee for the most distinguished palates.


If you are strolling along Old Havana squares, you must stop at this cafe to drink some of the best caffeine infusions in the city. You can order from cafe cubana (strong, sweet black coffee), cafe con leche (strong coffee with hot milk) to an eye-wateringly strong Cuban espresso. Besides traditional coffee offers (cappuccino, American coffee, decaf, etc.) they also serve cold coffee liquors (mojicafe, cubalibre al cafe, cubata al cafe, coffee daiquiri, daiquiri Escorial, etc.), cold and hot coffee, and even coffee with ice cream! There is so much to choose there…


Yet, the exclusiveness of this place is the unique mixture of Cuban and Arabic coffee that is grinded and toasted onsite! Visitors can observe the process while waiting their own coffee. If you are getting too hungry you can order sweet pastries, delicious croissants and snacks, and also soft drinks and other beverages. My suggestion: take your cup of coffee outside, so you can admire the magical setting of Plaza Vieja (Old Square) and you’ll also entertain yourself with the people moving around.


The Arabica coffee is rich and sought after, whose grains come from the fertile soils of the Escambray Mountain Range. El Escorial cafe sell toasted and grinded coffee, or just toasted, ready to be prepared at home so you can have a beautiful soiree with friends or a business meeting if you are at the office. The incredible aroma of this fine coffee selection will please your guests.


Plus, the ambiance of the inner decoration is quite picturesque. There is an exposition of remarkable works of art regarding the world of coffee, such as paintings, sculptures of coffee machines, and even the menu has an artistic touch! You’ll be charmed by the bohemian and cozy atmosphere of this coffee bar.


Drinking a cup of coffee is a common activity of the Cubans’ daily life, so if you want to appreciate the customs and traditions of this beautiful island, be sure to enjoy a cup or two of this incredible beverage on your next Cuba holiday. And if you have a craving for the best Cuban coffee, then El Escorial café is the place to be.


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