Endless Designs in Distressed Coffee Table

Eidolonai April 2, 2014
distressed pine coffee table

Furniture has their functions and characteristics, including in the design. Some of the furniture, for example coffee table, has a usual design like what the table used to have. However, in fact, the point is sometimes home owners do not only consider the function of the stuff itself, but also its beauty that leads to aesthetic. Thus, they tend to have plans to choose a coffee table that is not only practical, but also beautiful to see which is a distressed coffee table.

Have Your Own Way Table

The ideas to have certain furniture or to remodel it do not just come from purchasing those from the store. The best alternative and solution is to try to make or simply remodel it in your own way. People call that as DIY (Do It Yourselves). To paint a distressed coffee table, the first step you need to do is to sand the surface of the table so that the whole areas will be even. Second, make sure you know what colour you will apply before covering it to whole tables. Try to match that in the underside of the table first. Then, apply the darker shade of the paint and make it dried for a day. After that mix the lighter shade paint with water and apply that to the entire table.

Best Recommended Coffee Tables to Buy

Besides do it on by you, some people might think to have an easier way to just purchasing a distressed coffee table from a store. Yet, it is better to see the reviews first.  Square Coffee Table Solid Wood French Vanilla Distressed Country Furniture, which is made of solid wood and finished with vanilla distressed, is an elegant white coffee table to set in your dining room. Other table is Large Black Natural Distressed Reclaimed Wood Cocktail Coffee Table Rustic. This table is good for those who like classic and old style that lies with its fire wood design.

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