Entertaining with an Espresso Coffee Machine

Eidolonai February 5, 2018

Individuals debating whether or not to purchase an espresso coffee machine need to consider that it is much more than a breakfast beverage maker, it can also be used for entertaining.

Home espresso coffee machines have become not only more affordable but also fully automatic. No longer do individuals have to feel overwhelmed by the sight of an espresso machine, a super automatic espresso maker is so easy to use that the only thing required is the ability to read and follow instructions.

An espresso coffee machine is perfect for entertaining. Just as many people use blenders and margarita makers in the summertime for entertaining, espresso coffee machines and a variety of after dinner liqueurs are the perfect winter beverages.

Automatic or super automatic espresso coffee machines can be set up in a central location along with a selection of coffee liqueurs and guests can make their own or the host or hostess can show their skills and be the barista of the evening.

The Perfect Barista Bar

When considering setting up an espresso coffee bar for entertainment, there are a few necessities to help make the event fun and entertaining for everyone.

Regardless of who is going to make the coffee based drinks, the espresso bar should be set up in a convenient location, preferably near the water source. If it is not near the water source, make sure there is an ample supply of water kept near the bar.

The coffee bean hopper on the machine should be fully stocked with a quality coffee bean. Decaf beans should be stocked for use in the bypass doser for those who cannot have caffeine.

Glassware should include both cappuccino mugs and espresso cups. The espresso cups should be kept on the machines warmer if there is one. Saucers and stirring spoons should also be available.

Flavorings, Liqueurs and Toppings

Anyone who loves a good after dinner cordial or coffee will attest that there is nothing quite as tasty as a top quality cappuccino with a shot of Bailey’s Irish Crème or Kahlüa. Other flavorings and add-ins that should be a part of the bar include:

* Bailey’s Irish Crème, Kahlüa, Grand Mariner, Godiva, and other after dinner liqueurs that go well in coffee drinks;

* Non-alcoholic flavoring syrups, these can be found in coffee shops or in the local grocery in the coffee aisle;

* Chocolate syrup;

* Dark chocolate in block form for shaving;

* Cinnamon shaker;

* Cocoa powder;

* Whipped Crème

* Biscotti and other sweet cookies and breads for nibblers.

The bar area should also have plenty of napkins and a trash can for disposing of waste. It is a good idea to make an instruction card and place it near the espresso coffee machine, if the maker is not automatic, it is best to have a barista for the evening, either the host or someone who is paid to come in.

An espresso coffee machine can be an investment that brings fun and entertainment in addition to being a morning wake up call. Consider this aspect when making the decision on whether or not to buy an espresso coffee maker for the home.

Sharon V Chapman writes on the joys of coffee and provides information on espresso coffee machines for Espresso Xpert – your online guide to espresso.

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