Fashionable Coffee Table Book Ideas for your Table

Eidolonai September 13, 2017

Coffee table design is not complete without a stack of interesting to look at coffee table books that will enthral and entertain your visitors. Not only do they look chic when placed on the coffee table, but a lot of these books are one-of-a-kind collector’s items that add a unique touch to your display. Also, the types of books you keep on your coffee table can communicate a lot about the person you are or what you aspire to, and if you’re a fashionista then you’ll love our pick of favourite coffee table books to choose from.

– Naomi by Naomi Campbell: If you can get your hands on this book, you’ll have a true work of art on your coffee table, and even better would be the signed version, which is still available in limited amounts online. The cover features a 3D corset bust design in smooth metallic pink, and inside it has countless never-before-seen images of the iconic Naomi Campbell in all her glory as a supermodel, entrepreneur, muse and all-round diva.

– Tom Ford by Tom Ford: No modern coffee table is complete without this stylish book. With its plain black cover and the designer’s name emblazoned on the cover in bold white letters, its minimalistic design alone makes it a timeless collector’s item. In-between the pages, you’ll delight in a visual odyssey of the designer’s amazing aesthetic vision, with images of his creative process as well as some of this most stunning designs.

– Savage Beauty by Alexander McQueen: This book is a must-have for anyone who appreciates beauty in all its forms, and is definitely a no-brainer for fashion lovers. The books takes you on a vivid journey through McQueen’s magnificent fashion career, complete with his most iconic designs, the inspiring narratives behind them and a thrilling interview by Tim Blanks with Sarah Burton.

– Journey of a Dress by Diane Von Furstenberg: She invented the iconic wrap dress that would empower women in their femininity for generations to come, and in this book Diane Von Furstenberg takes you on a journey of how it all came together. The book features several images of well-known wrap-dress lovers both past and present, including Jerry Hall, Iman, Penelope Cruz and Michelle Obama, and has a colourful jacket with several of Diane’s signature prints that she has used over the years. In a word, fabulous!

– In Color by Try Burch: This book by designer Tory Burch bursts with color, and is the perfect spring time addition to any coffee table. It’s organised according to different colors, with each serving as a theme to showcase Tory’s travels, inspirations, her favourite things, interior designers she admires, entrainment ideas and more. Apart from the exclusive personal moments shared in the book, it also features a foreword written by the fabulous Anna Wintour.

There you have it! A list of our favourite fashionable coffee table books to inspire timeless style, beauty and elegance.

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