Find These Unique Materials For Round Bathtubs

Eidolonai October 28, 2017

Round bathtubs are a unique way to bring the “wow” factor to your bathroom. They can take an ordinary bathroom and transform it into the ultimate spa experience, both in function and style. While not always designed for small bathrooms, round models create the perfect centerpiece for a sizable master bath or main bathroom. And if you’re going to make a statement in this functional part of the house, why not go all the way and choose a unique material too? Here are the pros and cons of three out-of-the-ordinary bathtub materials for round models.

Cutting Edge Materials and Round Bathtubs


Wooden round bathtubs create the perfect spa atmosphere in any bathroom. It’s a unique bathtub material that will make a good focal point, but wood bathtubs do come with some hazards. Despite careful waterproofing and using the best materials (teak wood and clear fiberglass resin work the best and you may need round bathtub liners), the wood may still eventually warp, crack, and/or rot. If you’re not worried about those possibilities, you’ll want to install a waterproof floor as a precaution (floor drains are also recommended by some experts). You will also need to check local building codes; wooden bathtubs do not meet the building requirements in some areas.


Stone tubs are another natural material that can help to bring the outdoors in. Stone round bathtubs work seamlessly in a neutral setting, or stand out in a colorful landscape. They may be extra polished inside and out, or finished on the inside but left in a more natural state on the outside. Either way, stone tubs do require more attention to maintenance than other materials. Some stones (including granite) can stain or be damaged by harsh chemicals. If you’re a low-maintenance kind of person, make sure to look into the type of stone and the maintenance involved before you buy. If it doesn’t matter that much to you, do follow the manufacturer’s instructions to keep the stone in good shape, in function and appearance, for years to come.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is probably not the first material that comes to mind when you think of the bathroom. But stainless steel is spreading beyond the kitchen these days and landing in other rooms, including the bathroom. If you’re going out on a design limb with a round model bathtub, why not make it cutting edge with an industrial material? Stainless steel round bathtubs have several advantages, including easy maintenance and damage control, and maintaining hotter temperatures longer than other materials making for a warmer bathing experience. Some stainless tubs are coated on the outside with a different color for a stimulating contrast. Stainless tubs are rarer so customization may be necessary.

If you like to sit on the cutting edge of interior design and you don’t want your master bathroom left behind, focus on your bathtub. Choosing a unique shape and material will get attention and may set the stage for other bathroom accessories. Be bold with round bathtubs in wood, stone, or stainless steel materials.

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