Finding A New Antique Coffee Table

Eidolonai September 15, 2017

Have you ever had an occasion when an item seemed to leap out at you? My husband and I found an antique coffee table that seemed to beg to go property with us. Ironically, this piece of furnishings was the last thing we had in brain on our shopping expedition. However, it wound up in our living room by evening. We were on a hunt for a new bedroom set. By “new” I mean antiquely new to us. While the solution of buying brand new furnishings is always offered, we truly like to stick to classics like the antique coffee table for a couple reasons. The approach shouldn’t be resulting from a love of all things old. It can be much more as a consequence of a love of enduring good quality.

Buying fashionable furnishings of your same top quality as items like the antique coffee table is going to expense a lot additional money. In order to reproduce lots of with the older furnishings created years and years ago, manufactures have to spend a fantastic deal of money. That is reflected inside expense of high quality new furnishings. We found that we could purchase lots of older items that offered timeless fashion as well as durability for a fraction in the expense of buying new. There is little wonder that we stumbled across the antique coffee table while hunting for items for other rooms in our residence. The unusual item stood out from across the room and it will be strange that each of us talked about the piece upon entering the store.

The search for the bedroom set was put on hold for a moment while we studied the antique coffee table. This item required a little attention and some elbow grease which was an additional cause that the attraction on the piece was a little unusual. The old table was not definitely showroom ready but it was exceptional. The simple piece of furnishings is in the early 1920’s so it does have an Art Deco feel. However, you will discover elements of romantic Victorian charm intertwined within the piece as well. The romantic element that stands out probably the most is the leather inlay within the center on the antique coffee table.

The edge of this decorative oval inlay is detailed in gold. The leather is torn and cracked and there is very a bit of discoloration. However, which has a little work the antique coffee table has become a real attraction in our living room. When you go antiquing you never know what you will bring property with you. You can be pretty sure that it will be a treasure.

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