Fold-Up Space Saving Dining Room Tables

Eidolonai December 12, 2017

A well-designed dining table is always a pleasure to look at – well, I think so, anyway. Unfortunately, living in a small home with little space for unnecessary items of furniture, this is often one of the things people often feel they can do without. Personally, I don’t think any home is really complete without a proper dining room table. It doesn’t have to be a traditional, highly polished work of art: it can be a contemporary glass and aluminum style – but it is somewhere to sit together and eat a meal together. It is a place, I believe, where relationships are forged – the art of eating together is more than just enjoyment, but spending valuable time in each other’s company. When you consider a dining table from this perspective, how could you possibly not find room for one in your home?

This is where the range of fold up space saving dining room tables comes into their own. They full fill all the aforementioned functions but, when not in use, they fold away and don’t take up valuable, prime living space. However, before you can get into the habit of sitting around the dining room table and chatting you need to purchase one. First of all, think carefully about the space you have available and, when shopping for your dining room table, make sure you focus on the shape of your table and its dimensions before you buy. In this case, you have already decided that a fold-up space-saving dining room table is your best option so, once you get to the shop you know you can bypass all those dining room tables that have a central pedestal leg.

You might think of a design that has a fold away leg and which incorporates a drop leaf at either side of the table. Within this range is the Amish design that is manufactured in a simple design, with no unnecessary fripperies attached to the design. There are all sorts of shapes and elegant styles you might consider if their dimensions fitted in with the sizes you had decided on. There is the boat-shaped model – Madison, or Mansfield; or the Burlington with its Queen Anne foot. Then, of course, there is the trestle design which is possibly a good choice. They are built with a frame to act as a brace to support the weight of the table. One of the oldest manufacturers of the truly folding design is Cosco who have been making a folding space saving dining room table design since 1941.

One of their designs is the Premium Wood Folding Table that is manufactured in dark mahogany. Its table top measures 32 inches square and, when folded flat, measures less than 3 inches wide. While these tables are really made for the porch or patio there is nothing stopping you from using them as a substitute for a real dining room table. I think it is better to have a fold-up space-saving dining room table which only needs to be brought out when I need to use it than not having a dining room table of any sort. Perhaps my choice is colored by the fact that I just don’t like eating my dinner off my lap in front of the television but, personally, I feel that every household should have the option to sit down at a table if the occasion warrants it.

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