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Eidolonai December 16, 2017

Coffee freaks love frothy latte drinks. Latte coffee is 2/3rd steamed milk, 1/3rd espresso and 1/4th of a foamy/ frothy topping. This is to say that the drink requires a generous amount of both milk foam and steamed milk. A refreshing cup of espresso latte is not as hard to make as you may have assumed it to be. Frothed latte coffee can be easily made at home sans any fancy percolator. The only equipment you would need is a coffee whisk and a thermometer.

Step 1: Take 10 ounces of milk. Pour milk into a metal pitcher and place a thermometer inside it. To be able to create rich froth, diagonally insert the steam wand right below the milk surface. When the temperature of the milk reaches 100 degrees Fahrenheit, move the wand in circular motion. Continue the rotational flow till the milk’s temperature is somewhere from 160 – 180 Fahrenheit. Do not let the milk get any hotter.

Step 2: Now, it’s time to make shots of espresso. Use a stainless steel carafe to brew espresso. Ceramic cups and glass is said to absorb a lot of heat. Pour the first couple of shots in the coffee mug. Remember not to let them settle down for more than 10 seconds. Add milk immediately.

Milk can be textured by making it roll around in the pitcher till it becomes glossy. While you are pouring the milk into your coffee mug, do not allow foam to get along. After the milk has been poured, use a spoon to foam the milk. This way, you will get a pretty brown frothy top and a white foamy center.

Step 3: Use some latte art to make the drink look pleasing to the eye. You do not have to be a master in latte art to prettify your drink. Just give some random shots, every pattern looks great!

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