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Eidolonai March 17, 2018

Garden Table comes in different types, sizes, colors, patterns and different materials, depending on some factors like number of chairs, size of the garden, looks of the garden or courtyards. Garden tables are very useful and easy to carry, often come with an umbrella. The garden table is commonly used by 4 to 6 people sitting on chairs. The set of chairs, table and umbrella make a set of garden furniture making garden enjoyment, picnics and eating, dining comfortable. The umbrella fitted in the table, passed with a centered hole and a weighted base on the floor. The garden tables are commonly used for out door eating by a group of people.

Garden table is made of Wood, Plastic, Plastic Fiber, Linen, Wicker, Iron and Alumimium. Teak wood is a commonly used material in garden tables because its longevity and the presence of silica in it which preserves the teak from fungal attack, woodworms, water effects like rotting, swelling and effect caused by harmful chemicals. Teak is also fire proof, if not exposed to fire for a long time. The special oil applied in teakwood furniture make it even tougher to resist adverse effects of weather when exposed outside for a ling time. It can survive many generations if maintained properly.

Due to the scarcity of teakwood resulting in the increase of its price, it is now being discouraged and other materials are now used for making of garden table.

Aluminium is also commonly used in making Garden Table but it require periodic coating to save it from corrosion and this makes it even more costly apart from the price of the metal. Though, aluminium tables are tough and last fort a very long time if properly maintained.

Plastic in many forms is a water proof substance and lasts long without any maintenance cost is also light weight and easily transferable from one place to another. Wicker tables these days are made by using Synthetic resin, a recycled plastic which increases the durability and cost effectiveness of the garden table. Resin is resembled to look like wicker or real wood.

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