Garden Tables Very Useful In Courtyards

Eidolonai November 21, 2017

Garden Tables are very handy and easy to carry. When used in gardens or lawns, they are combined with an umbrella (parasols) to protect the skin from sun heat. The parasols are fitted in the tables through a hole in the centre, fitted in weighted base.

The trend of using garden furniture (table) was inherited by British and then Americans, commonly used for eating/drinking outdoors. Garden Tables are often made of Fiber, Plastic, Aluminium, teak, wicker, wrought iron and wood.

Teak is the mostly used substance in manufacturing outdoor table as it has certain benefits over other stuff because teak consists of silica, which is antidote to fungal attack, water effects (rot, warping and swelling) and chemical effect. It also resists fire, alkalis and acids. There are some special oils which treat teak in resisting adverse weather effects when kept outside for long time.

Tables made of Aluminium are tough and long lasting, but if we dont apply the protective coating, it gets corroded soon.

Garden Tables made of Plastic are water proof by nature and can last longer even in adverse weather conditions.

Wicker tables are made of two kinds of substances first is the stems of around 600 types of palm trees, which are grown in tropical areas of the world. These stems are woven and shaped accordingly in interlocking panels. These days the wicker furniture is made of synthetic Resin which helps in increasing the durability and is cost effective too. These days the resin tables are popularly made from recycled plastic. They are more durable and solid and can survive more than 20 years easily. Resin can be resembled to the real wicker or wood.

Blow molded Garden Tables have become more popular these days because of their light weight, strength, cost-effectiveness, more durability and maintenance free in comparison to other types of tables. Tables made of wood, teak or metals are expansive as well as require proper maintenance to sustain for a long time. Metal tables have become popular in public parks because of their durability and heaviness. They are at times attached with concrete pads to prevent theft. Stone and concrete table, used in public parks are more durable in nature but are highly priced and immobile.

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