Getting Started with Table Tennis

Eidolonai January 6, 2018

Most of us have played table tennis, or ping-pong, at least once or twice.  You may think that there is actually not a lot of skill needed to tap a little white ball over a tiny net, but there is a lot more to table tennis than you might think.  If you are serious about learning to play, then there are several things that you will need to get started.  Aside from the paddles, the ball, and a table, you should really consider a table tennis video to learn some of the finer points before you attempt playing competitively.

Of course, practice is what makes perfect, but you might be able to give yourself an edge with a few products and pieces of equipment that are designed to heighten your playing experience.  For instance, the choice of paddles is pretty important.  You may not think that the rubber on either side of the ping-pong racket is important, but the type of rubber that is used can really be advantageous.  You should make sure that the different sides, which will be either sandwich rubber or ordinary pimpled rubber, offer an excellent grip on the ball.  Hitting with any old side of the paddle might seem like it would be effective enough, but once you have learned the differences between the two different types of rubber and how they can affect the flight of the ping-pong ball, you will never look at your paddle the same way again.

As a table tennis video would also explain, any old ping-pong ball will just not do, either.  If you are planning to play just for fun, then using whatever is available will probably work just fine.  You should probably plan on chasing it all over the room, though.  For competitive play, however, there are different grading systems.  The 0 star ball is probably the ball that you will spend hours chasing around a recreation room, while the 3 star ball is what the serious professionals use.  There are 1 star and 2 star balls in between, but these rankings are also only good for recreational play.  As a beginner, the 0 star and 1 star balls are your best bet, just to learn some of the hitting techniques.  The professional grade balls come later, because they’re a bit more expensive and you don’t want to lose them.  

As you can see, there is much more to table tennis than you might expect.  With some patience, and maybe a table tennis video to give instruction, you can develop the necessary skills, and have fun doing it. offers a line-up of killer table tennis DVDs. If you’re looking for ping pong videos to improve your game, visit for the best table tennis videos



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