Gorgeous Dressing Tables Enhance The Look Of The Bedroom.

Eidolonai December 31, 2017

dressing tables can bring a touch of old Hollywood diva glamour into your life. A simple piece of furniture that has the capacity to make you feel good has got to be worth investing in. dressing tables can help keep your bedroom clutter free as well. So not only will you look gorgeous, your bedroom will too because all of the little bit’s and pieces that are hidden away. It’s rare to find beauty and practicality in a single piece of furniture, but this piece of furniture has both of these in abundance.

Whatever the style or material you choose for your dressing tables, be sure to pick one that you can store all of your important items of jewellery or accessories in. There are single pedestal dressing tables and double pedestal ones. There are some really traditional styles, so if you want that Hollywood look, you can have it. If you want modern and contemporary, then there are those styles out there as well. The only difficult thing is; how on earth do you choose ‘the one’!

dressing tables look stunning on their own, but there are a few things to make it look even more striking. You could light the dressing table from the side or above, that will not only throw focus onto the table, it will give you plenty light for putting on your make up and jewellery. Keep cotton wool or tissues in coloured glass jars and boxes, with sunlight or lamp light on them, they will give off a lovely glow. Put a hook on the wall or side of the dressing table and use a pretty drawstring bag to store your hairdryer or curling tongs. Of course you can have a vase of fresh flowers on display. dressing tables really do lend themselves to pretty items.

Some dressing tables come complete with mirrors, but many of them don’t. There is nearly as much choice in mirrors as there is in the dressing tables themselves. A single mirror will look good; a triple mirror will look spectacular. You could drape beads, necklaces and pendants over the mirror, not only does it look good but also your jewellery will be on hand when you need it. Use your table to display your beautiful things; that’s what they are designed for.

A dressing table may not be the first item of furniture you consider when furnishing your bedroom. In all honesty it’s possibly the last piece of furniture you will think about if you even think of it at all. There is no doubt that dressing tables can make a statement in your bedroom. They say you enjoy taking care of yourself. Sitting at a table, last thing before bed, applying your night cream and eye cream is a lovely way to end your day. Go on, indulge yourself, choose from the huge range of dressing tables available and look forward to sitting at it.

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