Government and Tax – How to Turn the Tables

Eidolonai December 22, 2017

I was on the brink of Bankruptcy, when I stumbled upon some radical information concerning the Banking System, Money, the Law and how the Government has deceived us from childhood.

Now I have stopped paying towards my “debts”, without breaking the law and without being taken to court. In fact I am about to start legal processes on the “lenders” that will most likely result in the accounts being closed and me refunded any money paid into these accounts.

I got a parking ticket earlier. I sent one Notice to the Brighton & Hove City Council, and I have not heard one thing about that matter since.

DVLA took me to Court for not being willing to pay an exorbitant fine. A few letters and brief court appearance and a new court appearance was part of the learning curve. Now after a Notice to the Court where I asked for certain things to be clarified and gave a week for the Court to come back with concrete answers or this matter would be considered closed. They did not, and received a Notice of Default, on the matter from me.

So from feeling like a cornered mouse, I now feel like a lion. I know WHO I am and WHAT I am in the eyes of the Law.

It is a LIE that the Government is above us. They have tricked us to believe that this is the case – and they do their very best to make sure we never find out the truth.

Consider this: Who created you? The Government? – NO!
Nature/Life/God? Yes! Who created the Government? Man did!
How can the creation be senior to the Creator? It can’t!

What the Government created was your “Person”. This is your name written in CAPITAL LETTERS that you see on all official documents. You have been led to believe and been led to agree by signing various forms, that you are this entity – which is a lie.

The Government have no power over the natural being (Body & Soul) and have done a very good job of making us believe that we are the “Person” and not the Human Being.

They tax the “Person”. They fine the “Person”. They own the “Person”, so they can.

You can break that bond and become independent again and free to live life on your terms. You can make the Person work for you.

I am not saying that you should take my word on this. If I could get you to try to prove me wrong, I would be happy. You need to look into this for yourself.

A good place to start is an E-Book about a woman who was broke and desperate, and by using this kind of knowledge now have no financial worries, she pays no tax, she drives an unregistered car that she pays no tax for and has Bond in place as insurance, and she gets the tax man to send her money each year. Her name is Mary Croft and the book is called “How I clobbered every Cash confiscatory Agency know to Man”.

You may have noticed how our liberties are eroding at an accelerating rate. If you learn more about this you can free yourself and teach others around you to do the same.

We are many that are engaging in a peaceful rebellion.


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