Grabbing the Best Drip Coffee Maker

Eidolonai March 4, 2018

If you cannot start your day right without coffee, then it is time that you get a coffee maker of your own. There are several advantages to getting a coffee maker, the best of which is the fact that now you have control on how your coffee tastes like. If you want the best-tasting coffee, then you also deserve the best drip coffee maker. However, with more than a dozen brands out there, finding the best might be difficult.

What you need, though, are criteria that can help you choose the most ideal one.

How Many Cups Can It Make?

The number of cups a coffee maker produces can reach are from a dozen cups or just for two people. This is a feature that you should ask yourself as well. How often do I consume coffee a day? If you are a voracious coffee drinker, you have the option of getting a drip coffee maker that makes a large volume. Then you can simply heat the remaining coffee when you need another cup.

Another option is to get a smaller coffee maker and simply use it every time you want to drink again. This may require more from you, but it will ensure that you have the best coffee in every cup.

How Does It Maintain the Coffee?

Over time, the coffee that you have made will lose its heat and, with it, the aroma and flavor. To avoid wasting coffee, you can opt for a drip coffee maker that has heating base to warm up the container and its contents. This will keep the temperature and eventually maintain the taste of your coffee. A more eco-friendly option is to look for thermal carafes bundled with your drip coffee maker. These carafes are made from natural materials that can preserve the heat for hours.

How About Its Filtration System?

One of the main reasons why coffee makers get decommissioned is the fact that water does not pass properly from the reservoir to the tube anymore. The main culprit is the buildup of minerals due to constant heating up of water. These minerals clog the passage of water. Essentially, what these filters do is purify the water before it gets to the reservoir and while passing to the tubes.

The other form of filter is the one separating the drip mechanism (the one that look like a funnel) and your coffee grounds. It is best to get the permanent filters than the replaceable ones. Permanent filters can be cleaned while the paper filters often create an odd flavor to the coffee.

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