Having The Right Christmas Table Decor

Eidolonai January 12, 2018

When you think about Christmas, you generally think about togetherness. Many people like to have Christmas dinners, and as such they like to make sure they have the right Christmas table decor, which usually include Christmas table centerpieces.

Why Christmas Table Centerpieces Might Not be a Good Idea

As pretty as Christmas table centerpieces can be, they honestly are not all that necessary. First of all, if you choose to place one of those silk Christmas table centerpieces on the table only a couple of days before the dinner, it automatically attracts dust.

Speaking of dust, allergies are another reason why Christmas table centerpieces are not the best idea. For example, if you choose to use real flowers in your centerpieces, any guests you have that are allergic to flowers will not be happy.

Another reason why Christmas table centerpieces are problematic has to do with the smell. The smell of real flowers can be quite pungent – sometimes for the better, and sometimes for the worst. When food is on the table, the smell of the food and the smell of the flowers work together to create a less than desirable smell.

Yet another reason to forgo these kinds of centerpieces is the visibility factor. When everyone is seated to dinner, no one can see everyone else clearly if the centerpiece is in the middle of the table. A centerpiece is meant for everyone to admire, but it becomes frustrating to have an actual conversation while trying to look through one.

Perhaps the most notable reason not to have this kind of centerpiece is the price. Generally speaking, real centerpieces are preferred to silk centerpieces. The flowers that are incorporated into these kinds of centerpieces are usually rather expensive. Also, these same flowers do not last very long.

So, when should these kinds of centerpieces be used? Well, that is a matter of personal choice, but the best place to put them is in your front hall. The reason for this is that guests can see it as soon as the come through the front door, they are met with a refreshing smell, and those who have allergies do not have to encounter the flowers for long.

As for where to go to purchase a centerpiece, your best option would be to either go to your local florist, or your local grocery store in the flower section. The latter will probably be far less expensive. Regardless, choose wisely when decorating for the holidays!

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