How Far Apart Should Tables Be Set Up at a Reception?

Eidolonai December 18, 2017

Whether it’s a big company party or a wedding reception, there are certain dos and don’t when it comes to setting up reception tables. You may have seen reception rooms and know that they seem to be able to fit a lot of people into a room, but as you make you’re measurements, you may be asking yourself how far apart should tables be set up at a reception?

The easy answer is you should set them as far apart as you can to allow lots of space for people to get in and out of tables and for those serving food and drinks to be able to get through the area and deliver meals.

At the same time, if you have a massive room, you may not want all of the tables crammed together making the room look awkward.

Consider the Space

When you are asking how far apart should tables be set up at a reception, you should start by looking at the space you are working with and how many people you need to fit in the space.

If you have a large space and not a massive number of people, try to space the tables out where they don’t look to far apart, making people feel isolated, but also don’t look as if the room is overwhelming the seating area.

If you are working with a small space and trying to fit a number of tables into the room, this is a trickier job. You need to really work at fitting the tables without making it so tight that people are uncomfortable. You may have to do a little trial and error to this end.

Table Shape

Another thing to keep in mind is that the shape of the tables will make a difference in how they fit in the room. You need know what type of tables will be used so you can plan your floor plan accordingly.

Chair Space

One vital thing to remember when you are considering how far apart should tables be set up at a reception is that it is not just the table that you have to think about. You also must consider that there are going to be chairs around the table and people sitting at the chairs. Once chairs are filled with bodies, they tend to stick out another 2-3 feet from the table. That means you probably need more space than you think you do around the table for comfortable seating and moving through the room.

Dance Floor

Will there be dancing or presentations going on at the venue? If so you have to make room for those areas. A dance floor can take up quite a bit of space in a hall, so you really need to take this space into consideration and make sure you have planned accordingly.

When you are ready to sort out how far apart should tables be set up at a reception, the best way to do it is to chart the space out. Measure the room, measure the tables and remember to give enough room for people to be sitting in chairs. Then use your paper to draw out how you will fit the tables until you have successfully managed to get all the seating in while not overwhelming the space.

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