How to Buy the Perfect Table Lamp

Eidolonai December 6, 2017

Sometimes “perfect” is relative. When buying decor for your home, “perfect” basically involves considering two main factors when selecting pieces such as table lamps. The first is whether the lamps complement the color scheme or a room’s theme. Of course, you should consider your own personal preference. Here are some tips to choose the “perfect” tabletop lamps:

• Take into account the style of the lamp – In particular, you must consider how traditional or contemporary both the lamp and the table are. Generally you would want to match up traditional lamps and tables, same with contemporary lamps and tables. Of course you can use some contrast, but don’t overdo it!

• Remember that size matters – A thin candlestick lamp may be perfect for a small table, while a larger lamp would be ideal for larger tables like the end tables. When selecting a tabletop lamp, make sure that it is in proportion to the tabletop it is sitting on.

• Learn the maximum wattage of the lamp – Ideal table lamps for reading should have maximum wattage of at least 150.

• Assess how well the lamp will light up – It is important that the lamp casts enough light, especially when you need a reading light. Here is a simple test that you can perform to ensure if it is generating enough light. When you are sitting in your reading chair, the bottom of the lamp’s shade should be roughly level with your cheekbone. Also, light beams from the lamp should drop onto whatever page your reading.

• Staying cool with shades – In particular, examine the hue and fabric of the shade. As you might guess, a lighter shade will increase the light output, while a darker shade will decrease the light output. Therefore, try to consider factors such as where the lamp will be placed.

• Determine how well the bulb socket is hidden – When a person views the lamp from a couple of feet away, the bottom rim of the shade should conceal the bulb socket of the lamp. Not only will this make the lamp more pleasant to view, but it will also reduce the amount of glare that the lamp produces.

• Take the lamp for a “test drive” – When you get home, set up the lamp and plug it in immediately. Perhaps the lamp won’t complement the other décor as you projected that it would-or maybe it’s actually better than you imagined.

When selecting table lamps you have several options. Take these tips into account in order to choose the “perfect” lamp that suits your preference.

Cody Scholberg, a lighting expert, writes for the Table Lamp Finder. Learn about caring for Tiffany lamps.


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