How To Choose the Right Coffee Roast

Eidolonai March 6, 2018

If you are one of those people who are pondering their coffee roast selection, then this article will be very useful. It can help you clarify different kinds of roasts available, even before you have time to finish your cup of joe.


So where do we begin? When you are thinking of taste, you must focus on the growing region that the beans comes from, and not necessarily its country of origin. Even within the same country, there can be vast differences in growing regions and tastes, so don’t let that fool you. It is actually nearly impossible to make broad generalizations about the flavor of a coffee roast from a particular country, as they are all so unique.


There are a few basic roast terms that will prove very helpful to you so that you can know what exactly you are looking for in your coffee selection. The first is the light bodied cinnamon roast where the flavor is baked and toasted and will more likely have a sour tone. Next, we have a lesser know term, New England, which is more common in the eastern Unites States. It is a little darker than the Cinnamon roast but will still have sour tones to it. After that is the Light American Roast that uses medium light brown beans and is the norm for the eastern Unites States. This will be the roast most often used for professional tastings. Following that are the Medium and Full City roasts that are more common in the western parts of the United States. The Medium City roast will be the medium brown color of chocolate, while the Full City roast will have medium to darker beans with caramel or chocolate undertones. Then we have French Espresso roast, which is obviously most often used when brewing espresso. Because of that, you may recognize that it has burned undertones but with less acidity. Many people infer that is the darkest roast available, but the roast that is even darker than the French Espresso Roast is the Dark French Italian Roast. It is similar to the French espresso roast, only darker and with a more burned flavor. And the darkest roast of all is actually the Spanish roast, where the color is almost black, and the flavor profile itself is of a dark charcoal undertone.


So what is best for you? Well, now that you have this information, I encourage you to take your time sampling and tasting all of the varieties that are out there. You may be surprised at what flavors really work best for you!


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