How To Cook A Variety Of Brewed Coffee Coffee Machine

Eidolonai January 24, 2018

What is cooking Coffee ? Certainly not into the boiling water and cook the beans, so, it will only get a cup of pills only to discover the murder, then Xin astringent taste it, how to enjoy brewed coffee? Focus on the enjoyment

Life People love to buy a

Coffee machine Home, from cooking of feeling, but not many people really know how to cook. If Reformed turn, make coffee before attention to several questions: to determine the thickness you want to level the coffee mill in order to select the coffee machine; water use 92 to 96 degrees Celsius; attention to a different cooking time.

If purchased in small home coffee machine, which kind of coffee to pass

Filter Paper or gold filter machine, we should pay attention to the use of a small funnel: put one over the inside of the funnel

Filter paper Will be 8 to 10 grams of coffee powder into the filter paper inside pocket. (Avoid coffee filter paper and funnel into the inside wall of the mezzanine) with a suitable water temperature wet Yin coffee first, later with water (water to slowly increase, the water level above the filter paper to avoid waste products washed into the side to make coffee in the coffee), until the red a good cup of coffee.

If electric drip coffee maker, a day before the first warm-cooking coffee coffee machine, plus Banhu water tank, open

Power supply After the machine which does not top out of fresh water, then wash

Boiler And all cooking system Pipeline Cleaning coffee cooking funnel, the last warm coffee pot. Within the funnel in place a coffee machine that matches the filter paper, 7 to 9 grams per cup of coffee into the filter paper inside (be careful coffee filter paper and funnel into the wall sandwich), turn off the hopper door. 175 ml per cup of water into the tank after the standard power is turned on. Get is a moderate degree of thickness of the coffee powder.

Coffee immersion device is a traditional practice, coffee powder and coffee cooked in a liquid with

Container Where you can taste the coffee in this way the strengths and weaknesses. In practice, the extent of the thickness of the match with the press pot coffee press (8 to 10 grams) the amount into a glass jar, coffee pot, but can not exceed the limit by cooking. To 91-96 degrees Celsius water into the jar until the coffee pot outside the metal frame to the top office, place filter rod, 3 minutes after soaking the filter in the end pushed the Department, a pot of good coffee on the cooked up.

Above production method should be noted that several problems:

First, the coffee pot choice. As the current climate of coffee culture is still in development stage slowly, coffee, cooking equipment market is not very healthy, must pay attention when buying coffee pot

Glass The thickness should be uniform, glass barrel up and down vertically, the same diameter, the outside firm has some metal shelves to hardness.

Second, the water temperature. High oil temperature will make a qualitative change bad coffee, make coffee bitter, low temperature cooking not the taste of coffee, coffee will sour taste. Therefore, the normal temperature should be 91-96 degrees Celsius.

Third, the extent of coffee grinding powder thickness. This is an immersion in the cooking method, need to soak 3 minutes, the coffee should be coarse.

Fourth, the downward pressure. Heart hand hold bar, vertical and Hudi down uniform linear force. Remember that even forced, excessive coffee pot will burst.

Fifth, coffee powder can not cook for the second time. Standards for the first time cooking, cook a delicious coffee, the second is not drink the water. Cooking any kind of coffee is coffee powder in water to wash out the taste, the second has no flavor.

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