How to Decorate Your Coffee Table for the Fall Season

Eidolonai August 16, 2017
pottery barn black round coffee table

The coffee table is a pivotal piece of living room furniture, as it serves a myriad number of functions, from providing storage for books to helping you put your feet up after a long day at work. The most alluring aspect of having a coffee table is the fact that you can easily adapt it to the changing seasons, and decorate it in any number of ways. However, adapting the coffee table to fall season décor can be a bit tricky, because there are just so many elements to choose from. Here are some simple and inspirational tips to help you spruce up your coffee table this fall.

It’s important to ensure that the decorative items you place on the coffee table actually synchronise with one another. For a true masterpiece, group decorative objects together based either on a color scheme, a particular theme or décor style. For example, you could use the ‘nature’ theme as your inspiration and put together natural elements that are in season. Things like pinecones or a bowl of differently colored fall leaves surrounding a votive candle, are all simple elements that you can combine to create a well-aligned arrangement.

Dimensions and Equilibrium
When choosing items to display on your coffee table, keep in mind the dimensions of the objects you’ll be decorating with. Regardless of whether the shapes contrast or complement each other, try and go for similar sizes so that they capture the aesthetic appeal without one looking out of place from the others. Also try and keep your decorative objects low, so that they don’t obstruct your vision or disturb the flow energy in the space.

Don’t Go Overboard
We all know that a coffee table can look very chic and interesting when decorated with a mix of styles and objects, but place too many items on it and you may end up with an overcrowded eyesore. To avoid overdoing it with your coffee table fall décor, try and have one major anchor, and then add other objects on as complements to that piece.
Also leave functional space on your coffee table for when you want to place your glasses or put your feet up. Basically try and keep it simple, avoid an overcrowded display on your coffee table and ensure that it balances out with the rest of your living room space.

Popular Coffee Table Décor Items for Fall
Here are some fall décor items that you can use as inspiration when updating your coffee table this season:
Organic materials:
You can never go wrong with organic materials when it comes to decorating a fall coffee table. Things like bamboo, natural wood and reclaimed wood look fabulous atop any coffee table style. You can have them in the form of a vase, bowl or even a tray.
Adapting the books on your coffee table to a fall display can be as simple as switching to book jackets that are in warm tones such as red, copper and orange. If possible, opt for books that have a fall theme as their subject matter for an even more customised look.
Flowers and Leaves:
Nothing says fall than a delightful medley of leaves and flowers in those charming reds, oranges and browns. Arrange this natural fall color palette in a diminutive glass vase and you’ve got yourself an instant summer-to-fall transformation.
Chic Trends:
Each season comes with its own trends when it comes to décor, and fall is no different. Look out for what’s on trend this year and incorporate at least one or two items on that list to keep your décor stylish and up-to-date.
Pinecones are a no brainer when it comes to fall décor, and you can incorporate them throughout because they’re so abundant during this season. Sprinkling a couple of them on the table, putting them inside a bamboo bowl with some potpourri, or even spray painting them with warm metallics for a unique display, are just some of the ways in which you can include pinecones on your coffee table display this fall.

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