How to Inspect and Repair Table Lamps

Eidolonai December 6, 2017

Does your lamp have a socket, switch, or wiring that is faulty? Here are some steps for repairing table lamps:

Step 1: Look for visible damages

First, unplug the lamp. Check for damage to the plug or cord. If either the cord or plug is damaged, have no fear! It is relatively easy to replace both parts.

Step 2: Remove the bulb and the shade for a closer inspection

To remove the harp, squeeze the arms of the sleeves covering the harp holder. This will allow you to take out the harp. Use your thumb to press down on the shell of the socket, slightly above its base. Then unlock the clips that bind the two pieces, as you swing out the shell of the socket.

Step 3: Check if the cord has current

For this step of repairing table lamps you will need a continuity tester. Clip the tester to one of the prongs of the plug. Then use the pointed lead to investigate each of the screw terminals on the socket. Next, repeat the process for the plug’s other prong. If the test light doesn’t switch on for both tests, then you will need to replace the cord.

Step 4: Test the socket

Clip the lead of the continuity tester to the “threaded shell.” Use the other lead to check the metal tab located at the socket’s bottom. After positioning both leads, turn on the switch. When the switch is in only one position, the test light should light up. The exception is a 3-way switch, which has three “On” positions and one “Off” position.

Here are some helpful steps for replacing broken sockets of table lamps:

Step 1: Prepare to replace the socket assemblage of the lamp

Loosen any of the socket base’s setscrews, and turn off the socket’s harp holder and base, from the nipple. Then remove the new shell of the socket from its base. Twist the new base and harp holder onto the threaded nipple. You can find that at the lamp’s top.

Step 2: Follow the procedures to replace the lamp socket alone

Leave the current harp and socket base on the lamp, and simply replace the socket.

Step 3: Wire the socket

You can either use the current cord to wire the socket, or use a new one.

So, there you have it! To make minor repairs to your tabletop lamp, simply follow these easy steps to light up your life again.

Cody Scholberg, a lighting expert, writes at the Table Lamp Finder. Learn about caring for Tiffany lamps.


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