How to Make a Console Table

Eidolonai December 25, 2017

A console table is a wonderful and practical piece of furniture. However, it can be costly to some who may not have the ultimate desire for one or the money to spend on it. This guide will show you how to make your own console table so that you won’t need to spend hundreds of dollars. It will end up being 15″x48″ and 28 3/4″ tall.

What You Will Need

(2) 2x4x96″ boards
(1) 2x4x 3/4″ MDF Board
(1) Box of 3″ Flat-head Wood Screws
(1) Pint of Semi-gloss paint
Paint Brush
Tape Measure

Step 1
Make your measurements for the legs and table top. You need (4) 28″ pieces of 2×4 and the MDF should be cut 15″x48″. Use a skill or circular saw to cut these.

Step 2
Draw little marks on the corners with your pen or pencil. These must be on the corners at 1 1/2″ in from the long side and marks at 2 1/2″ and 3 3/4″ in as well. Then drill pilot holes at the marks. Do this on all four corners.

Step 3
Stand the table top up with the pilot holes facing you. Lay an extra piece of MDF on the ground next to it. Take an extra piece of 2×4 and lay it flush with the table top and the extra MDF. This creates an exact measurement for where your leg will go.

Step 4
Screw (2) screws into the pilot holes securing the first table leg to the table top. Repeat this step on all four legs.

Step 5
Cut the support beams for the table top. Measure (2) 2×4 pieces at 10 1/8″ long and (2) at 41 ¾ ” long.

Step 6
Slide in (1) 10 1/8″ board sideways into one of the shorter sides of the table top in between two of the legs, it should fit in perfectly. Drill two pilot holes on the two legs that touch this board and insert (2) screws into both pilot holes. Do this for the opposite side as well.

Step 7
Place (1) 41 3/4″ boards in-between the two you just attached. They should fit in perfectly. Once again drill two pilot holes on either side and insert (2) screws. Do this for all boards. Congratulations! You’re finished!

You can now paint it. Some people also add a layer of fabric and plexiglass to the table top. Others enjoy the unfinished furniture look and some even sell their unfinished furniture for money. It is up to you if you choose to paint your console table or not.

Tony Davis writes articles that help people build their own console table and also find out more information about their console table.


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