How to Make the a Great Cup of Coffee

Eidolonai February 12, 2018

A simple cup of coffee holds a huge importance in our daily life. It is our answer to our busy schedule. Over the years, coffee has emerged as a fashion. It is a trend that can be found at every corner of the streets and has evolved as a big popular celebrity. Coffee has not only taken over most of the world with its sophisticated taste, but also has created a strange passion for those who are obsessed with it. There are professional coffee taster all over the world who posses the ability to taste a coffee and mark it on its quality.

However, many coffee lovers and drinkers often cannot make a perfect cup of coffee. So, what could the ultimate secret be to make a simple yet perfect cup of coffee?

When it comes to making a cup of coffee that is perfect, you need to keep certain things in mind. Make sure you always purchase coffee beans that are freshly roasted. This is the first step in making that elusive and perfect cup of beverage. In addition, always buy beans in small quantities. You do not want them to go stale.

The quality of your coffee depends significantly on the quality of water. Remember, nearly 97 to 98 percent of the coffee is water. However, before all this, grind the beans and this should happen just before you are ready to brew the coffee. Once the beans are ground, they will start deteriorating.

Now comes the brewing part of the coffee. Always use sufficient amount of coffee, not more not less. Maintain the water temperature at 195- 203 degrees F. Brewed coffee should be enjoyed immediately and brew as much as you are going to consume instantly as the coffee will start losing its optimal taste after brewing.

Keeping some small precautions and tips in mind, you can enjoy coffee with a taste of the highest quality.

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