How to Pair Your Coffee With Your Food

Eidolonai March 11, 2018

This is incredibly important for a true coffee sommelier, which is the same breed of Java lover that will liken their brew to a fine wine that is best strategically placed with every meal. Every single cup of Joe has its own unique and complex flavor to offer, which is the same with each meal you eat of the day, so it does take expert knowledge and planning to pair the best brew with daily meals to bring out the flavors that you are eating.

Let’s begin with breakfast. Breakfast should be the most important meal of your day, and this is the time that most coffee lovers are enjoying a cuppa Joe. Often times, it is just something that you brew quickly with one eye open to slug back so that you can wake up in time for work. But it can be so much more than that! One specific recommendation that I would like to make to you is that if you are an egg and bacon type of guy or gal, then the best roast choice to make with that is a medium Costa Rican because it offers you a bold punch with minimal bitterness. This is perfect for people who like medium French roasts.

As you approach your midday meal, you also have to think of what type of Java will taste best with what you’re eating. If you are going for a light lunch, like a soup and salad combo, then a fantastic choice is a Yemeni roast because it will give you a dry and sweet little pop to bring out the fragrance of the leafy greens that you are eating. This is a fantastic cup a Joe for people who prefer a lighter body to their coffee drinking style.

As you are winding up the day to enjoy your mid afternoon snack, what are you reaching for? If you have a little bit of a health nut in you, then you are snacking on fresh fruit or trail mix in the afternoon. The best cup of Joe for you is a heavier Guatemalan roast because it actually will bring out the deep chocolate and fruit taste in your trail mix. This is perfect for Java lovers who like medium to dark roasts, and it goes well to offset the saltiness in the nuts in your snack.

Dinner is a fantastic time to enjoy an experienced cup of Joe, paired to your meal as you would a premium wine. If you are sitting down to a plate of meat and potatoes, then a classic roast like the Sumatran blend will do you well because it is robust and smoky to give you deeper textures and bring out the flavors of your meal. This is perfect for dark Java lovers, and it has a strong finish like a deep red wine.

So which coffee type is best for you? The answer to this is that there are so many choices to pair your Java with your meal, depending on your flavor and taste, so the sky is the limit!

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