How To Select Your Perfect Teak Table

Eidolonai April 13, 2018

A teak table is the perfect solution to both indoor and outdoor spaces. Teak is a tropical hardwood that is naturally resistant to all of the usual things that cause wood to rot, like insects and water damage. A teak table starts out in a beautiful golden brown, although it will fade to a silvery grey over time if it is not cared for. However, many people enjoy the silvery grey color, and the wood never loses its resilience to the natural damaging effects of wood. It stays durable and lasts a very long time, no matter what method of care you choose.

There are several things to keep in mind when you begin to shop for the right teak table, so remember to think about these things before making any expensive decisions.

Wood Quality
The good thing about teak is that the quality of the wood is always quite high. However, customers who want to make sure that they purchase a teak table that is made of the highest quality teak wood should look for grade A, kiln-dried teak. This is the highest quality of teak available, and it basically means that the wood is certified as such. However, there really isn’t that much difference between teak that has this ranking and teak that does not. It is merely there for customers who are concerned even more than usual about quality.

Teak is one of the most versatile woods of all, and its durability means that manufacturers will make just about any kind of furniture out of teak. There are also many different kinds of teak tables. Some are made entirely out of teak, while others have glass tops or tile pieces that fit into the top of the table. Some teak tables are made of a style that is better for indoor rooms, while others are better for outdoor. Just spend some time deciding what style you like the best before making a purchase.

Another thing to take into consideration when purchasing a teak table is the color. Bare teak wood will be a golden brown color. It usually isn’t sealed. However, teak wood that is any other color than the natural color of teak is usually stained. The only difference in these varieties of tables is the color. The quality of the teak does not change. The only difference among manufacturers is whether there are knotholes or other imperfections that show up on the furniture. Teak is very easy to work with, so a good manufacturer will be able to create a teak table that does not have imperfections in obvious places. This also means that they will not need to stain or seal the table to hide these imperfections.

Before purchasing a stained or sealed teak table, look at it carefully to try to spot these imperfections. Some manufacturers simply sell stained tables, while others have something to hide. You might even consider purchasing a table that has not been stained and then staining it yourself.

Another option for different colors is to leave the original color of the teak as it is when you get the table home from the store. The golden brown is very enjoyable for many people, although it is important to realize that it will fade to a silverfish grey in just a few months. Regular sanding can prevent this fading, and teak oil can stretch out the amount of time in between sandings. Of course it is also possible to allow the table to fade to the silver color. This will not damage the table or reduce its durability at all.

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