How to Take Care of Your Olhausen Pool Table

Eidolonai February 27, 2018

How to take care of an Olhausen billiard table?  Olhausen billiard tables are like fine pieces of furniture so why would you take care of your new purchase in a way that would jeopardize it when it can be relatively easy to maintain if you follow a few simple steps.  I have broken down the main steps into three sections.  Location, Surface and Usage.

The first thing that needs to be decided is the best possible location to install your new Olhausen table. A few things to consider when choosing the right place are the lighting in the room, the humidity, and the size of the room Lighting and humidity are important if you don’t want to have faded felt or cracked or warped rails. Make sure to choose a room without direct sunlight or a spot that you can draw the blinds when the table is not in play and always put a cover on the table when not in use, this will keep fading to a minimum.  Humidity is important as well because different areas of the country have different levels of humidity and each table is constructed with specific materials that this can impact.  The ideal humidity level would be between 40% -50% in the room at all times.  This will keep you from dealing with any issues of warping and cracking that might take place otherwise.  The final thing to consider in location is the size of the room.  A room that is too small can lead to maintenance issues later on. The ideal room should be whatever size of table you have plus around 54 inches on each side which is the standard size of a cue stick and then add an additional 6 inches past that for room to draw back and take your shot.

The playing surface is equally as important as the location.  The felt is going to be your main concern here.  The two things that you want to consider are brushing the felt and vacuuming it.  The main reason for this is because the chalk used on the cue stick is abrasive and can cause problems if it is not removed frequently.  If you choose to brush make sure to brush your table and any debris towards the pockets after every usage.  Some people feel this does not quite remove all of the smaller debris so feel free to use a hand held vacuum on low suction if you prefer. This simple action should keep your table clear and ready for play at all times.

Finally consider the usage of your table.  This is a large piece of furniture and people will use it that way unless advised otherwise by you.  Let your guests know that food, drinks and smoking are the three main culprits that cause your table to need maintenance on a regular basis.  If you can avoid having these near your table you will be well ahead of the game.  Always consider that buying an Olhausen billiards table is an expensive but fun investment and you should enjoy it but also take the necessary steps that you can to maintain it the right way.

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