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Eidolonai December 20, 2017

When people are comfortably established in their house they then look for sophisticated additions to enhance their rooms. Furniture plays a huge part in how each room feels so many people seek after upgrades or different styles for a better look.

One piece of furniture that many home owners love is the billiards table. With artistic legs and a recreational feel these tables can improve any room in the house.

If you are considering purchasing a pool table then you should learn a few things before jumping in. Buying a billiards table is very exciting so once you learn the basics you should feel confident in making a purchase.

Before you buy a pool table you need to think about where you are going to place the table in your house. You can then base the style of the table and how it looks on the room where it is going.

Decide if your table is going to be geared for children or adults, or both, and then see what your options are. With children you may want a less expensive table with less emphasis on design but with adults you might want a classier look and feel.

Tables come in all different prices so it is important to break down why it costs what it does. You never want to compromise quality for price.

One thing that costs more but is a good purchase is a slate table bed. Slate is a good option for many reasons.

When it comes to table beds there are only a couple options. From slate to wood and synthetic materials the difference is found in the lifetime of the bed.

A slate bed will last forever from regular game play. The problem with wood and synthetic materials on the other hand is that over time they will warp and the ball will not roll properly.

Because of this, beds made up of wood and synthetic materials can be a lot cheaper than those made of slate. Just remember that you are making a large investment now for no upkeep later.

On top of the table bed is where the felt goes. Because it is placed on top the felt is what is seen of the bed.

Billiards is a game that has been around for a very long time and through that time it has been standard to use green felt on the top of the table. In more recent years companies have started to come out with felt of different colors and designs so it can match whatever room you want to put it in.

The material that holds up the bed is also important because you want something sturdy enough to hold up the weight of the slate. If it is a weak material then over time you will need to make repairs that can be difficult and costly.

Because the billiards table has been around for so long it has gone through many different styles. People have gone back and forth with what they like through the years.

A more traditional style is to have incredibly curvy or perfectly straight legs. In more recent years people have veered from the extremes so the modern look is somewhere in between.

If you want your table to be standard and traditional then you should choose legs that go with that style. If, instead, you want a table that has a more modern appeal then going with a sleeker table is a good choice.

To complete the billiards table look in your room you can choose a special light fixture specifically to light these tables. They tend to be long with three different lights so each corner of the table can be lit.

When buying a table you should take note of how much the shipping and assembly will cost. Some companies include this in the overall price while others do not.

It is important to ask before they send the table so you know how much the entire purchase really is. Additionally, some companies offer freebies when you buy a pool table from them.

It is important to get pool cues with your table so check to see if these come included in the purchase. If they do they should also come with a stand where they will be kept to the side of the table.

Buying a billiards table is a great idea for any room in the house. It is a sophisticated addition that is sure to attract friends and family for classy recreation.

Jerry Daniels has played professional billiards for the last 19 years and written hundreds of articles about billiards and pool table


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