Interesting Coffee Gift Ideas

Eidolonai September 29, 2017

So many people are lovers of a fine cup of Joe, but it helps to put a little bit of thought into interesting coffee gifts that are available so that you can make sure that the gift that you give them is truly memorable. If there are any birthdays or holidays coming up, then it is important to think of some unique ideas in coffee gift giving for all of the Java fanatics in your life!

An idea to keep at the top of your list that will stray away from your regular and more generic coffee gift is to give a Java log. This is perfect for anyone in your life who is into eco-friendly and green types of items because this is a man-made Java log that doubles as a log for your fireplace. The best part of all is that it is made of used coffee grounds, so it is environmentally friendly and an ingenious idea.

For any of the women in your family, consider a beauty product that uses coffee as the main ingredient. The caffeine in the coffee will provide the benefit of tightening the skin so that it feels firmer and looks younger, and the beauty product will also have the decadent aroma of Java to wake them right up in the morning!

Along those lines, you can also give the gift of coffee scented shampoo, which has the added bonus of containing the essential oils from the coffee bean to hydrate and add shine to the hair. As if coffee didn’t smell wonderful enough, the recipient of your gift will also have the opportunity to use the natural properties of coffee itself to manage and treat their hair.

For the true Java fanatic, there is nothing better than the gift of a Java necklace, which can make use of roasted coffee beans as jewelry. There are many hip and in demand beaded necklaces on the market today, and many of those same beads can be exchanged for roasted coffee beans to give a funky effect to the jewelry. You can make a necklace of both coffee beans and different beads or stones to give a wonderful finish to the look.

If you really want to take your gift giving to the next level, then give someone a coffee plant! No, they won’t necessarily have the capability of producing their own coffee crop, but a Java plant will survive well indoors and make a nice and attractive houseplant. This is a fun way for your recipient to learn more about the plant that is responsible for a delicious cup of Joe, and also to have a fantastic option for a houseplant within their home.

Finally, you can never go wrong with chocolate covered coffee beans because they are oh-so-delicious. They will give a nice little kick to wake you up, and they also have the great taste of a chocolate topping. This type of gift may be something that you want to stock up on to give on any occasion because so many people will appreciate such a thoughtful and mouth-watering treat!

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