Introduce You Coffee History of France

Eidolonai October 19, 2017

It is said that France brought in the coffee from Africa in 1657. At the same time, it was immediately quite popular with French. Today, coffee has become a daily thing which can not be separated in the life of French, and become a unique French culture.25 Seeds Why You Should Buy tiffany&co Every Day

In France, where there are people communicating, there must be cafe whether in the busy city or in a quiet town. Why the Most Expensive tiffany and co for 2010 Winter are So Ugly? You can see the cafes in big or small scale, classic or modern style, grant or simple look in a square, near a road, in a car or on a yacht, even on the high base of the Eiffel Tower. Among these, the most unique and romantic should be the open-air ones which can be found everywhere on the street. There are often rows of narrow and little chairs laid under the colored sunshades in the corner of the aquare, arround the street corner, under the shade of the bridge, or along the roadsides filled with crowds of the Champs Elysees. It is just like a cinema, and all the seats are facing the street, and the “screen” is the streetscape which are full of walking people and unique features. As long as you spend two or three Euro, you can choose any chair to sit down. With a cup of wonderful coffee, you can take a newpaper and read with no purpose, and you can also chat with your friends and relatives. You can have a rest with your eyes closed for a while and say nothing.The Temptation of ugg boots sale You May Not Know

In Paris, a breathless feeling will come to you once you have opened a cafe`s door. Despite of the full of passengers,the whole envirmoment is always quite. No bright lights, no gorgeous hues, only gleaming music remains. This music linger in your mind circled, it is easy to sink into people we knew were a romantic dream soft. And open-air cafes in the streets, which those groups, piles of coffee guest slowly taste coffee,and leisurely enjoy the vista, free to spend the time relaxing scene.

To French people, may enjoy the taste of coffee is not the most important, and the more important is feel and experience a leisurely atmosphere and leisurely ambience. Spending much more money in the cafe house for one cup of coffee than making one pot at home is more than just for a solution of dealing with thirsty. Coffee, as a beverage, is no longer an end in their eyes, but a mean, a form and a carrier. A lot of people in France are addicted to coffee but many of them are actually addicted to the atmosphere of café houses. Order a cup of Sicily island coffee in the busy street, watching the crowds happily and slowly, which can be considered a great joy in life to mix the bitter coffee with romantic and the French open taste!


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