Inversion tables ? do they work?

Eidolonai November 13, 2017

Inversion tables have been in use for quite a long time and have been used in the treatment of back pain related problems. Inversion tables work by creating tension between spinal discs. Inversion therapy is a method that should be adopted by all since each and every one is exposed to the pulling effect of gravity.

Inversion tables have been a subject that has its critics as well as those that advocate their use. Inversion therapy is usually offered to people who suffer from back pains. Back pains can result from chronic stress or poor posture in sitting or working – the spinal disc compresses causing the ache in the spinal cord. When people feel the compression on their spinal cord there is a natural need to stretch and it momentarily relieves the pain.

When the back pains are long term, or when a person suffers from whiplash, the inversion therapy method is quite effective. The inversion tables do work and they use the natural urge to stretch and gravity to aid in the treatment. One hooks up their feet to the inversion table and then lies on the table only to have it inclined at a given angle with the head below the heart. The inversion creates traction along the spinal cord. The inclination doesn’t have to be complete, it just needs to be enough to create the traction between the spinal discs. When a person is placed on the inversion table, the head and pelvis bone generate a tug and a person can then experience relief from pain.

Inversion tables are used in therapeutic clinics around the world. If you stand for long hours, especially with a load that generates stress on the spinal cord, you will suffer from discomfort. To cure the discomfort one should look for a plank and raise it on one end, then sleep on the plank with the feet on the higher end and one will definitely get relief from the discomfort. Inclined benches found in gyms are lesser versions of the inversion table and they are used to create the same traction on the back. Weight lifters are often users on the inclined bench so as to decompress the spinal discs after a rigorous workout of lifting weights.

Inversion tables work on every individual whether suffering or not and more to that it doesn’t only cure back pains but also helps people in growing tall exercises. The use of the inversion tables in clinics and therapeutic institutions is a dead giveaway that the table works! Although the tables do not present a lifelong treatment, result of continued use of the table will always be relieved pressure on the spinal cord and thus helping in eliminating back pains. Spending about thirty minutes a day on the table will relieve any stresses associated with the complications.

Even stars use it! TV star Rosie O’Donnell has said that she uses inversion therapy to treat her depression, while writer Dan Brown has told fans he uses inversion therapy to help overcome writer’s block!

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