Inversion Tables ? How to Use Them

Eidolonai November 5, 2017

Inversion tables do they work? Your back giving you problems again, struggling to just get out of bed and move about? Many individuals find relief from pain with an inversion therapy. Inversion tables come in 2 basic types. It’s more of a personal preference as there doesn’t appear to have significant differences, they both seem to be as effective for achieving effective relief. It may be that one design model might support the user’s particular body type better, or in other cases, the choice can be made simply based on aesthetics. The two basic designs are the full back design and the curved model design.

Comfort levels can be significantly increased by choosing a model with head and back pads. If you’re not in the best of physical condition it’s recommended that you look for a model that the handles remain in place. Safety, as always, is the top priority when using this piece of equipment. As increased strength, flexibility and confidence in utilizing the machine are achieved, special gravity boots can be added to the equipment so the apparatus is not only a potential back pain reliever, but also a potential strength builder for the body and spine too.

The device is simple to use. At first, it is advised that another person be present during your beginning stages of usage. This helps reduce the bodily risk to you. Getting familiar with the equipment may take a little while. When using an inversion table there are four basic steps.

Step 1: Changing the table to your height, usually about 1 to 2 inches taller than you.

Step 2: Make sure that both ankles are securely fitted in the ankle holder and that they feel snug in their holder.

Step 3: Achieve your balance for inversion. If the correct balance is achieved, then you should be able to tilt for turning upside down fairly readily. If this is not possible and the table does not move easily, then get off the apparatus and readjust the equipment for a more accurate height setting. Then, remount the apparatus and try inverting again.

Step 4: The final step in using the device is to return the device to an upright position and remove yourself from the apparatus.

As a final note about using an inversion table, they come in a variety of price ranges and are fairly easy to use once you used them a few times. What also makes them appealing is their ease of maintenance. To keep your table in good working condition, there are three main things to remember. The first involves tightening all of the bolts, nuts and fasteners, especially after the first month of use. Then you want to do this every 3 months or after the first service. Secondly, lubricate all moving parts with a clear, non-oil-based lubricant. Finally, remember to wipe-down the table parts as necessary for cleanliness with warm, soapy water and your equipment should last a long time.

A lot of individuals swear by the respite from pain that inversion therapy gives them. Experience what it’s like to be free from pain again. Using an inversion table might be precisely the solution you’ve been looking for.


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