Invest in a Coffee Grinder and Experience Amazing Coffee Every Time

Eidolonai January 20, 2018

Did you know that approximately 1.4 billion cups of coffee are drunk every single day worldwide? With an estimated four-out-of-every-five Americans consuming no less than four-hundred-million cups of coffee a day.

With so many people enjoying coffee, it stands to reason that coffee enthusiasts want to try and improve their brew.

I can tell you right now that if you’re making coffee from instant or bought pre-grounded coffee you can significantly improve the taste by investing in a coffee grinder.

The reason is very simple, only coffee beans that you grind yourself offer the freshest and generally better tasting coffee – period… This is because when you purchase pre-grounded coffee the grounds are already likely to be past their best due to prolonged air exposure that is totally out of your control.

You see, when coffee grounds are exposed to air they start to oxidize. If you love coffee this is bad news and the results can often mean a ruined brew. So throw away any instant or grounded coffee that you have in your kitchen – there is a better way…

All you need to start making the perfect cup is a coffee grinder and some coffee beans. There are two basic types of grinder to consider that we’ll discuss.

The Blade Style Coffee Grinder:

Theses are the least expensive type of coffee grinders and utilize a metal blade to slice up the coffee beans. The main problem is that you control how long the slicing occurs and so it is extremely difficult to achieve an even grind that all too often leads to an inconsistent brew.

Another pitfall is because the blade has to spin very fast to slice the coffee beans the potential for heat-build up is extremely likely. This again is bad news for any coffee enthusiast as the results can a ruined brew.

That said, choosing a blade style coffee grinder is still a step-up from pre-purchased grounds or instant.

The Burr Style Coffee Grinder:

A coffee lovers dream, a burr grinder is widely considered to be the best way of grinding coffee. There are two variants, the wheel based burr and the conical burr. Both are extremely efficient a producing a consistent, even grind every time.

They work by crushing the coffee beans between a rotating grinding wheel and a fixed surface. The ability to manually adjust the burr to the desired height enables the coffee lover to experiment with a multitude of brews whilst still producing uniform grounds.

Of the two types, the conical is considered the better. More expensive than it’s cousin it is able to rotate far slower making it quieter and that generally means less mess too.

It’s a fact that conical burr grinders produce the best tasting coffee. For more information, including some great deals and our must read review of the new Rancilio Rocky doserless coffee grinder make sure you visit us toady…

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