Items That A Owner Needs To Keep In Mind About Pool Tables Ownership

Eidolonai February 6, 2018

Billiards or pool tables are growing in popularity since a long time ago. It is one of the favorable pub and bar games along with darts and Pinball machines. Many people are now thinking of getting these into their homes but, the problem is that not all of these are of the same quality so, if you do not know what to buy then, it would turn into a hit and miss process.

The main factor that determines the price of these is the type of the slab. The slab is the smooth table surface of these items; this slab should be leveled very carefully in order to give the ball the freedom to roll in any direction. In expensive tables, the slab is made from one piece of slate. Slate is a natural stone that comes from different places around the world. The best slate stones come from north Italy and they are used to produce the high end items. The only problem is that one piece slate slabs weigh around 200 KG or 400 lbs. This makes them very expensive and very hard to move from one place to another and because of that many poll tables manufacturers are now using three pieces of slate joined together in order to facilitate the transportation and installation processes.

Such type of these needs extra care in leveling the three pieces together in order to form one leveled smooth surface. There are also less expensive items that use laminated hard plastic slabs to replace the heavy slate slab. The least expensive items are those who use the particle wood boards.

Good kinds have an oversized slab that gives place to mount the rails on them. This provides extra strength for the pool table and makes it highly durable. Another important thing that you need to check in these is that whether the corners are glued only or using metal brackets to join these corners.

Once you decide which pool table you are going to buy, start looking for the right type accessories in order to get the best quality of them. The most important piece of accessory is the cue stick. Many people would prefer to buy lower quality cue stick in favor of buying extra accessories. The best thing to do if you are on a tight budget is to buy a high quality cue stick and buy only the basic accessories you need to start using your table.

When you are buying these accessories do not forget to buy the lighting first. No matter how bright the room is, you still need to mount a light source over them. There are many styles to choose from but, stained glass is the most popular choice now.

these items also need repairing and maintenance kits so, make sure you have these tools on site in order to keep the condition of your pool tables. Pool tables cover is very important and you should use it to cover your pool table every day after you finish playing to keep the dust away.

Nylon brush is also another important maintenance tool. You need to brush the table Felt from time to time to keep the dust away and keep the Felt at its best condition. Also use the foaming cleanser in order to remove any stains that may appear on the cloth. Finally, use wood waxing spray to clean and polish the wooden parts of your pool tables and keep them shiny and glimmering.

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