Kids Picnic Tables Are Kid Proof And Safe

Eidolonai November 19, 2017

Kids picnic tables provide a fun, safe place for children of all ages to eat outside. Any area like a backyard, a patio, a deck, a yard, or a park can be an excellent place to set one up. It gives kids a special area just for them, and it is easy for them to get in and out of safely.

These tables are ergonomically designed and manufactured out of heavy duty metal. The understructure of each table is reinforced by black powder coating. The entire table is further protected by Thermoplastic coating.

This gives it a very attractive finish. It also makes it resistant to vandalism, rusting, corrosion, damage, and color fading that is caused by ultraviolet radiation. 16 colors are available as choices to match playground or picnic environments.

There are different types of kids picnic tables for different environments. Portable picnic tables can be moved to any location you desire. This allows you to create spaces between the tables where kids to play. Schools often prefer these types of tables. Private residents also prefer them because they are ideal for setting up a special event for children, such as a birthday party or a Confirmation party.

Surface mounted tables are better for public areas with concrete surfaces. Examples of such places include theme parks and food courts. Surface mounted simply means the table is bolted to the concrete. It can be moved if the facility maintenance crew unbolts it from the concrete. Otherwise, it remains securely in place and offers excited children a very stable platform on which to entertain themselves.

In sunny, hot parts of the country, kids picnic tables are often ordered with umbrellas. Skin cancer is a very real risk. People are much less likely to develop skin cancer if they are shielded from it during their early, formative years. An umbrella is a great tool for blocking the sun on summer days when kids cannot stand being inside. It also has the very practical double function of being a rain block on cloudy days.

Kids picnic tables are kid proof. Thanks to their rugged construction and Thermoplastic coating, these tables are resilient enough to take the playfulness of children and to provide years of lasting enjoyment. The 25-30 mil coating is highly resistant to scratching and peeling. If a child does manage to cut through the coating with something, the coating can be repaired very easily with a heat gun.

Tables are also stain resistant. Another remarkable thing about the protective coating that surrounds the metal is that it is very easily cleaned. If kids write on it with markers, pens, or crayons, or even if they manage to get their hands on spray paint, you can easily clean the surface with a standard cleaner and rag.

Kids picnic tables are also safe for children. There are no sharp edges on the table top, sides of the table, legs, or base. Everything is rounded off so that rambunctious children will not cut themselves. Seats are large, but lower to the ground. This gives small children plenty of space to sit on, but little risk of falling far enough to hurt themselves.

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