Learning Basic Table Tennis Concepts

Eidolonai January 9, 2018

When you pick up a new sport, the first things that you need to know are the rules to the game.  There is no way to successfully play a game without understanding the rules and following them closely.  Table tennis, though it may have just been a hobby until now, have several rules and regulations that you should know.  You can invest in books or a ping pong DVD to get started, but then you should put all of the new things that you learn into practice.

The rules of the game may seem simple, and when played at a relatively slow speed, it is not hard to keep up with the game.  There are several mistakes that you should avoid, such as a poor grip on the paddle, in order to maximize your scoring potential.  Start with conventional grips, and seek out harder positions once you have mastered the basics.  You should also avoid trying to steer the ball, which can really slow down your reaction time.  There is also no need to slam the ball across the net.  Hitting the ball too hard can cause you to miss your target every time, and that is the easiest way to allow your opponent to score against you.

A ping pong DVD can lay out these rules and tips for you, and it is much easier to perform after watching a correct demonstration.  Getting the tips from a book may have worked in the past, but you should give yourself every opportunity to excel as soon as possible.  A video can also show you the best way to move around your end of the table, rather than leaning and stretching to catch the ball.  By learning to move your feet, you can drastically cut down your reaction time.  This is also a great way to work up a sweat, and the physical benefits might just be the reason that you got involved with table tennis in the first place.

Just remember to take things slowly.  You may want to run off and sign up for every tournament in your area immediately and spend your savings on custom made equipment, but it is a good idea to learn all of the basics before you challenge others.  An upgraded paddle and a higher grade of ball should be all that you need to really step up your game.  There is a ping pong DVD for every level of play, so work your way through the steps gradually, and claim victory when you’re ready.

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