Lifetime Picnic Tables Really Can Last A Lifetime

Eidolonai January 20, 2018

The lifetime picnic table is so named because of its remarkable ability to coincide with the human lifetime. We are not trying to be bleak here. We are all shooting for a hundred and then some, so we are fully confident that our picnic tables will be there to celebrate with us on our centennial birthdays.

That being said, let’s take a look at what makes these tables good investments. To begin with, the construction is remarkably durable. The tables are constructed from a heavy duty metal, and then coated with a black powder protectant.

The seats of the picnic table and table top are coated in a material known as Thermoplastic. This is the key to the lifetime picnic table’s remarkable longevity.

Thermoplastic is a revolutionary method of protecting metal surfaces from rust, corrosion, and damages. It is applied with a blend of electromagnetism and heat.

First, a metal powder is given an electrical charge. Then, the metal surfaces of the table are given an opposing metal charge. When the powder is applied, the magnetic force powerfully bonds the powder to the tabletop and seats.

Next, the entire structure is super heated to give it a thick, hard density of 25-30 mils. The resulting protective surface is UV resistant to sun damage and keeps the color of your picnic table from fading.

It is also resistant to vandalism. If someone spray paints a lifetime picnic table, the paint can be removed with common cleaners. If someone cuts the coating, you can reseal the opening by applying a heat gun to the cut. The coating runs back into itself much like skin healing from a wound.

Tables can be purchased in four foot, six foot, and eight foot lengths. A handicapped eight foot version is available as well. For vandal resistance, you can also order a table with anti-skateboard tabs.

Lifetime picnic tables feature a perforated steel design. Tables are inground mounted so they can be permanently anchored to surfaces without a concrete patio. This is done by attaching leg extensions to the base and setting the legs and extensions in holes that are filled with wet concrete. When the concrete dries, the bench is anchored securely to the ground.

Tables are available in 16 different colors to match the landscape design and exterior architecture of any facility. There are bright reds, orange, and yellows that are ideal for theme parks and children’s playgrounds.

Teal, green, and black green are popular for city parks because they blend in with surrounding foliage. Unique colors like sandstone, granite, and gray, are perfect for corporate office parks with contemporary landscape designs. They are also popular with hospitals for use in atriums.

Lifetime picnic tables are also very important in the world of mental health services and elderly care services. In many of these special facilities, it is vital to the emotional well being of residents to take some time outdoors when the weather is favorable. Having a picnic on a table, as opposed to a blanket on the ground, is a safe, fun way to get some recreation without strain or risk of injury.

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