Lift Tables and Things to Consider While Using Them

Eidolonai January 4, 2018

If you are planning to order lift tables for industrial purpose or commercial use, it is recommended that you should stick to a few important things. This is to ensure safe handling as well as better performance for greater productivity. These tips also apply to effective handling of cherry picker and boom lift varieties.

Determine purpose of use: Always determine beforehand the specific purpose of use of this tool as per your industrial specification. These include factors like weight of objects to be handled, and the place of its use. If you are using these lift tables for weighing heavy duty loads then it is recommended that you go for a quality and branded product. On the other hand, if you are using these or a boom lift for comparatively lighter loads then there’s no point buying a high end variety and investing huge amount of money.

Determine place of use: Apart from deciding on the purpose of use of your material handling equipment like the cherry picker and others, it is recommended that you also consider factor like where you are going to use them. There are different varieties that are suitable for use in outdoors while there are some other that are to be used only indoors. It is to be mentioned here that gas powered lift tables are great for outdoor functions and the electric ones are good for indoors.

Determine weight and elevation factors: As has been mentioned above, weight is an important factor while ordering a boom lift or the lift table. Along with this, you should also take into consideration the surrounding where you wish to use the cherry picker. Look for issues like how much height you want to reach with this material handling equipment etc.

Keep in mind these factors when you wish to order lift tables, cherry pickers or boom lifts and rest assured that you can never go wrong!

Air Technical Industries is a manufacturer of material handling equipment and automated machines. The company offers a diversified line of over 2,000 standard product models that include boom lift, lift tables, cherry picker and engine hoist.


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