Little Civet- Making Philippine Kopi Luwak Coffee So Amazingly Delectable

Eidolonai November 10, 2017

Heavy, caramel body, mild and smooth texture, low acidity, mellow sweet aftertaste, and unique taste and aroma, all add to the magic that Philippine civet coffee casts on its aficionados and connoisseurs as they sip the highly delectable coffee. Named after the little mongoose like animal civet, the civet coffee (also known as Kopi Luwak coffee) has an intriguing story of provenance. The coffee berries coffee beans (containing the coffee beans ) are eaten by the civet for their fleshy pulp.

The beans while passing through the digestive tract of the civet are imbued with proteolytic enzymes. As a result, shorter peptides and free amino acids are formed in abundance. While passing through the intestines of the civet, the coffee beans remain intact but attain the unique flavour and are then defecated by the animal. The beans are gathered from the jungle floors and are then thoroughly washed, sun-dried, light roasted and brewed to give you the taste you would truly love. It is the unique provenance and extensive process that add to the high delectableness of the Philippine Civet coffee making it one of the most widely noted and expensive coffees all over the world.

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