Low Acid Coffee for Acid Reflux

Eidolonai January 8, 2018

Low acid coffee is one alternative for acid reflux sufferers who can’t live without their caffeine fix. Avoidance of both regular and decaffeinated coffee is recommended for pyrosis patients due to the acid they contain, which can contribute to significant pain and indigestion. Low acid coffee could be the solution to such issues, as it is roasted in a way that eliminates much of the acid without having a negative effect on the taste. Low acid coffee beans roasting process is altered to reduce as much as 25 percent of the total acid content, this should be a great news for sufferers of acid reflux.

The acidity of common coffee irritates the stomach, which will cause or exacerbate indigestion, heartburn, and acid reflux in susceptible individuals. By drinking low acid coffee, you can avoid this process at the source. There is no stomach irritation, which means no acid reflux. Coffee increases the production of gastric acid levels and reduces the pressure in esophageal sphincter, which leads to acid reflux and esophageal reflux. Low acid coffee also prevents this increase in gastric acid, and the decrease in pressure.

In addition, cold brewing regular coffee has also been recommended as an alternative to buying low acid coffee. Regular ground coffee can be used, and most of the people thinks that this is the natural method to reduce acid. In fact, some manufacturers claim that cold brewing may be results in a low acid coffee containing up to 67 percent less acid. Special cold-brewing machines are available for the sufferers of acid reflux to enjoy their favorite coffee without the pain. You can also cold brewing your low acid coffee, if you were so inclined.

Low acid coffee has became a trend for sufferers of acid reflux disease. Many coffee shops around the country have started to serve their own version of low acid coffee. No need to give up your love of coffee just because you have been diagnosed with acid reflux – low acid coffee may be the answer you didn’t even know you were looking for.

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