Main Benefits Of Using Inversion Tables

Eidolonai December 2, 2017

Inversion tables have been in use for quite a long time and have been used in the treatment of back pain related problems. The table works by creating tension between the spinal discs, and is a method that should be adopted by all since each and every one is exposed to the pulling effect of gravity.

If one spends a lot of time sitting or standing, then the Teeter hang ups table will aid one in relieving the stress that the back has been exposed to, so it is useful in stretching out and treating fatigue. The inversion table can be used to treat dizziness and problems that are associated with limited blood circulation. Tension and stress caused problems are also treatable by the inversion table method. Spending about thirty minutes a day on the table will relieve any stresses associated with the complications.

The inversion table is mostly known for its benefits in the treatment of chronic back pains and whiplash that is mostly common with accident victims. The Teeter hang ups secure the individuals ankles as one is inclined so as to use the force of gravity to undo the compression that one undergoes all day. Although the table cannot be used for long hours it provides one with momentary relief of chronic pains and thus it is important in inversion therapy.

It is also used for treatment of headaches and also aid in the circulation of blood. The inversion therapy will be quite beneficial in increased blood circulation especially with the elder individuals. Increased blood flow to different body parts also allow for the body to rejuvenate the older and worn out tissues and thus reduce aging.

The use of the table also allows for the reduction of the effects of aging caused by gravity. Normal gravity on the body results into the sagging of the body parts due to the force of gravity, regular use of the inversion table will tend to equalize the effects of gravity. Aging is also reduced due to the increased efficiency of the blood circulation and delivery of nourishment to different body arts as well as the excretion of waste from the cells.

Increase in flexibility is also another added advantage of inversion therapy. Decompression of the spinal cord allows one to increase the degree of skeletal movement with the skeletal muscles being relived of the weight of the body every once in a while. Using the table will aid one in spinal cord movement and helps keeping all body systems in check because the spinal cord is a pathway of most systems in the body. The area around the spinal cord is also responsible for upholding the core muscles and inversion treatment will help to reduce the aging and deterioration of the muscles with age.

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